The all-in-one job costing system for field service businesses

It can be difficult to take a step back and evaluate your business expenses effectively. Job costing software from Commusoft is the answer, letting you track labour costs, travel time, and parts used for a job. With accurate costings per job, you can view profit and expense reports to identify areas to grow your revenue further.

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Many smaller field service businesses track job costs with a mix of paper-based admin and spreadsheets stored in various places. With Commusoft's customer database, all your job information is in one place, meaning you have an organised and intelligent way to manage job costing without riffling through different documents.

Tracking costs has never been so effortless

Go paperless

Forget managing piles of documents in the office. Go paperless with your job costing and store all your vital business information in the cloud.

Decrease admin time

Costs are automatically saved against a job and everything is kept together in one convenient location, reducing time spent recording costs and building job profit reports.

Increase data accuracy

Manually filing in timesheets and reports increases the chances of making errors. Commusoft draws data from real-time actions meaning your job costing will be as accurate as possible.

Job costing set up

Keep accurate costs against jobs

It’s not enough to just turn up to a job and do the work. In this competitive market, you must ensure that your business is profitable by tracking all of your costs. If you try to do this manually or using a spreadsheet it can be a real headache! By contrast, Commusoft makes it easy to keep accurate costs against each job, including labour, travel, sub-contractors, parts and any miscellaneous costs.

Automatically generate accurate timesheets

Track accurate labour and travel costs

Commusoft records labor costs based on engineers’ time at the property. The information is automatically gathered from the Commusoft mobile app, every time engineers travel to, arrive, or leave the property. This reduces your need to manually input information and improves your ability to manage job costs.

Report showing profit by job

See profit reports by job

Once you’ve gathered all of this information you need to act on it. Commusoft provides a number of key reports to help you understand how your business is performing. This allows you make positive changes. Profit reports give you a clear overview of how much money you have made on individual jobs. By including the engineer responsible as part of this report, you can see which engineers produce the most profit for your company. This is vital information for understanding who is most valuable to your business and which engineers may need further training.

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