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Fully utilise your parts with Commusoft


An organised parts system allows your team to work efficiently while projecting a professional image to customers. Manage every part used in your business and easily integrate parts into estimates, purchase orders, job costs, and more.

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Spruce up your parts management

Parts database

Log and categorise all parts (and their prices) used by your company into a single, searchable list.

Add parts to jobs

Engineers can request and add parts to jobs via the mobile app, so you always know which parts were used.

Purchase orders

When parts need to be ordered, simply raise a purchase order and send it directly to your chosen supplier.

Parts on estimates

Include exact parts costs and build accurate estimates that customers will appreciate.

Parts invoicing

Parts are automatically added to final invoices, so you'll never forget any charges.

Import existing parts

Already have a parts database? Upload a CSV file to import your existing parts lists into Commusoft.


Office Manager

JD Services Ltd

I'm looking forward to creating full supplier and parts lists, to make things more straightforward for my engineers. Once you get the hang of it, it really does streamline your business.

Keep an eye on all your parts

Parts lists have never been more organised


Our parts management database can be modified to suit any field service business. Each part can be linked to categories, subcategories, suppliers, and prices. Your team can also group parts that are commonly used together into convenient-to-add kits.

  • Boost transparency: everyone knows the status of parts
  • Our database allows you to organise parts your way
  • Empower your team with clear overview of all parts
Parts management overview

Accelerate company profitability


An organised parts management system ensures you track every part used on a job and never forget to charge for one again. Your business can properly assess job costs and better plan how to maximise earnings from each installation or service.

  • Set markup percentages for parts to keep jobs profitable
  • Calculate parts costs and profits with powerful reporting tools
  • Log prices from multiple suppliers to ensure you buy the cheapest
Reporting on sales profit

See how can optimised parts management system can transform your business!

Support your entire team

Create purchase orders anywhere


We make parts ordering easily and flexible for your company. Engineers can order parts directly from the job site. Or, if your office staff want to handle purchase orders, your engineers can simply request parts only. The choice is yours.

  • Engineers can request or order parts with their mobile app
  • Reduce back and forth calls between engineers and office
  • Pull data from your parts database to quickly build purchase orders
Parts management through Commusoft app

Lighten the load on your team


Commusoft’s parts management system optimises your office staff’s time with the ability to easily create and send purchase orders, build precise estimates and invoices, and price jobs to boost company profits. All with less effort.

  • Provide up-to-date job rates for customers
  • Send pricing requests to verify parts costs with your suppliers
  • Add to, or delete parts from invoices with a click
Creating a purchase order

Take full advantage of parts management

  • PartsArena Pro integration

    PartsArena Pro subscribers and Commusoft customers can utilise the power of both applications to identify and request parts.

    Parts arena mobile integration
  • Downloadable parts lists

    Want to edit parts in bulk? Export your parts list to Excel, make any edits, and reupload to Commusoft; your data will sync without creating duplicates.

    Parts report
  • Track business expenses

    Our parts operational list allows your team to review all aspects of parts as they move through your business.

    Purchase orders tracking costs
  • Multiple prices for one part

    If you order the same parts from multiple suppliers, you can record different prices. Compare before ordering to make sure you don't overspend.

    Parts added to the invoice
  • Parts kits

    Group commonly used parts into bundles for specific job types or services to save every individual part needing to be added.

    Part kits in Commusoft

Take full advantage of parts management

Parts management FAQs

  • The best parts management software digitally organises your parts ordering and helps users keep track of parts as they move through your business.

    Our parts management system does just that, and also lets you build parts lists, invoice for parts, and allows engineers to request or order parts directly from the field. These tools empower your team to manage all parts, and spend more wisely on orders.

  • Commusoft’s parts management pricing depends on how many licenses you need and which of our plans you choose. To see all of our pricing details and which features are included on which plans, check out our pricing page.

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