Our job management software is designed especially for field services businesses

Having the right job management software can mean the difference between a highly efficient, profitable business and one that’s disorganised and struggling to keep up. Get more jobs booked in and track the progress of all your work with Commusoft.

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Manage all your jobs from booking to completion with job management software that makes tracking and analysing work performance a breeze.

Centralise your processes

Create jobs in moments

Simply navigate to the diary of an available engineer, pick a time and create a new diary event with Commusoft’s easy drag and drop scheduling

Track and organise work

Want to know how much time your engineers are spending on site or which parts are being installed? View a detailed job history and use job management reports

Send real-time updates

Everyone’s kept in the loop with real-time updates across the Commusoft app. For example, as soon as a job is complete, your office staff will be notified that its time to invoice

Gas software diary view

Efficient job scheduling

With a full diary view available in daily, weekly and monthly options, you can see at a glance exactly how your staff will be spending their days. To rearrange jobs to better suit your engineers, simply drag and drop events to the appropriate time. With careful planning and the help of Commusoft’s job management software, you can reduce travel time between jobs and become more productive and efficient.

Job reports menu

Track job status

Completing a field services job is rarely as straightforward as turning up, completing the work from start to finish and leaving with zero complications. Job management software allows you to assign a status to every job from any device and location so you know exactly what needs to be done.

  • Waiting to hear back from tenant
  • Engineer visit booked
  • Awaiting parts
  • Complete and waiting for invoice
  • Job on hold
  • and more…
Job management software confirmation email

Send confirmations and reminders

Once you’ve booked a job into the diary, you’ll have the option of sending a confirmation to your customer and a job sheet to your engineer. With email and SMS confirmations, you reduce the possibility of being unable to access a property and therefore unable to complete work. If anything changes, you can simply send an updated notification.

Gas software job management with mobile app screen

Provide engineers with essential information through the mobile app

Keeping your engineers informed when they’re on the road is one of the challenges of running a field service business. Job management software allows you to instantly notify your engineers of any changes and stores important job and customer details alongside the work event. They’ll never be caught out again.

Gas software certificate job rebooking

Track cancellations, job rebooking and job recalls

It’s an unfortunate fact that customers sometimes cancel. These interruptions to your engineers’ schedules can cause disruption and wasted time. Using job management software, you can quickly notify your engineer of any changes and move jobs around to fill the gap. You can also rebook postponed jobs and manage multiple visits to a particular job site.

PAT test certificate signature screen

Go paperless with job feedback and requests

Keeping paper job sheets and order forms neat and tidy is a never ending battle that feels impossible to win! Eliminate messy, disorganised papers using the Commusoft mobile app. Your engineers can complete job feedback, order parts, fill in certificates, set office tasks, invoice jobs and more all from the job site. You can even capture legally compliant digital signatures from the customer.

Job management software time sheets

Create accurate time sheets and profit reports

Commusoft’s comprehensive reporting feature allows you to create accurate timesheets and profit reports that break down the cost of labour, parts, travel and other expenses against each job. This insight lets you know when to make adjustments that keep your business profitable and growing at a sustainable pace.

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