Mobile workforce management for field service

mobile workforce management

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Manage, schedule and keep track of your workforce on your mobile.

Key benefits:

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Manage your business from an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet

Whether you’re an owner, manager or engineer, Commusoft makes it possible for you to manage your jobs and your business from any iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet. Commusoft adjusts the experience depending on who you are. If you are an owner or manager, you can view everyone’s diaries, book in new jobs, move and cancel events all from your tablet. If you are an engineer, you can receive your jobs and complete your job sheet while on the road.

Mobile workforce can access Commusoft anywhere, anytime with or without signal

Access Commusoft anywhere, anytime with or without signal

When you are onsite or on the road there is no guarantee that you’ll always have 3G or Wi-Fi, but with Commusoft it doesn’t matter. Commusoft stores all of your critical information on your device, ready for you to access it even when you’ve got a poor signal, or no signal at all. You will have all the information you need to do your jobs. You will be able to view your diary, create gas safety certificates, electrical certificates and invoices (and a lot more) even when working in rural areas or in a basement. Commusoft saves all your updates locally on your device and then automatically syncs them to the office as soon as your phone gets an internet connection.

Send quotations and job to your mobile workforce

Send quotations and jobs to your engineers

Commusoft lets you manage your plumbing, heating, gas, electrical or oil business while you are on the road. Whether you have one or many engineers, you can book quotations and jobs into the engineers’ diaries, share information in real time and track your engineers progress throughout the day.

maps track labour and part jobs

Tracking engineers jobs

Keep track of when engineers are on their way to a job, when they’ve arrived and when they’ve left the site. This fantastic mobile app helps you see when engineers are running late or completing jobs early, allowing you to book in additional jobs.

Create certificates and capture customers signatures from your mobile

Create certificates and capture customers signatures

Commusoft supports a number of industry certificates like the Gas Safety Certificate, Domestic Electrical Installation, CD10 and more. Complete these digital certificates onsite with customer signature capture, and email or print them off to give to your customer onsite. Everything is stored electronically in the database so you no longer have to worry about lost or damaged paper certificates!

Create invoices on-site and sync back to the office in real time

Create invoices on-site or from the office

With Commusoft you can speed up your invoicing by completing invoices onsite and printing or emailing a copy for the customer. This means less of a burden for your office staff and no more rush to get invoices processed at the end of the day, week or month. This not only makes you better organised but it can have a significant positive impact on your cash flow. If additional works are to be included, you can optionally create the invoice immediately from the office using the engineers’ feedback.

Mobile fill out quotation on the move

Fill out quotations on the move

Have you ever wanted to turn up to a property, complete a quotation, send it by email and get a confirmation and signature onsite? Commusoft lets you do all this, print and email the quotations and get a response and feedback from your customer straight away.

Take photos from your mobile

Take photos from your mobile

With the Commusoft mobile app you can take photos and send them back to your office system in real time. This enables engineers to record what the site looked like before starting work and what it looked like afterwards.

This can also sometimes help smooth things over with the customer should any questions arise!


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