Parts Management

Improve parts management with an organised software solution

Keeping your parts organised allows you to work at maximum efficiency and project a professional image to your customers. Commusoft helps you to stay on top of every part used in your business and allows you to easily integrate them into your estimates, purchase orders, job costings, and more.

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View the status of all your parts from the web application. See at a glance when parts have been requested, are on order, or are available to install.


Your parts management software is completely configurable. With Commusoft, you can create lists of commonly used parts in your industry and even import existing CSV files.

Invoice for parts

Parts used on a particular job will automatically be included on the final invoice, so you don't have to worry about forgetting to charge for even small parts.

Parts management features

  • Comprehensive parts database
  • Compare parts prices across suppliers
  • Engineers can request & order parts
  • Add parts to estimates and invoices
Parts database software

Access a complete overview of parts

Build or import your parts list to see details of every part your business uses or can offer customers. To save time, you can upload a spreadsheet with hundreds or even thousands of parts into Commusoft. With this information at your fingertips, you know exactly which parts have been requested, are on order, available to install, installed, or returned. You can quickly order, fulfil, and mark parts as available across your jobs using our preconfigured parts operational list.

Mobile app showing parts list

Engineers intuitively utilise parts from the mobile app

Commusoft parts management works across both the web and mobile, so your engineers can request, install, and order parts from wherever they are using their smartphone or tablet. To order parts, engineers simply raise a purchase order from their mobile device and send it to the supplier. Prefer to have the office send out POs? You can opt for engineers to request parts only, allowing the office team to fulfil the request from stock or with a purchase order. This gives you control over your parts workflow whilst helping engineers complete work faster to drive both profits and customer satisfaction.

Parts management database

Your parts list has never been more organised

Commusoft makes it so your parts database is easy to modify and organise. Each part can be assigned to an industry, category, and sub-category to allow you to structure your database in the best way for your business. For each part, you can also record multiple prices from different suppliers, so you can quickly check which is cheapest before ordering. On top of this, you can create part kits, which group together commonly-used parts for a specific type of job or service. All you need to do is add the relevant part kit and every required part is added for you in a single click.

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Add parts to invoices

Invoice for parts and track profitability

It’s all too easy to forget to charge for a particular part when you’re manually creating invoices. Using parts management, you can track parts cost and sales price and quickly add them to final invoices to ensure you’re not undercharging. Additionally, for every part, you can set a markup percentage so your invoices remain profitable. This data can all be used to inform your profit reporting and job costing.

Quote for specific parts

Include parts and prices with your estimates

Ensure that estimates are complete and as accurate as possible by including the exact parts you’ll be using for the job. You can even send price requests to your suppliers to ask them to verify their prices for those parts. This not only makes sure that you provide up-to-date rates for your customers, but it also automatically updates your parts database for future use. Parts management has never been easier.

Parts management with parts arena

Parts management integration with PartsArena Pro

PartsArena Pro subscribers and Commusoft customers can utilise the power of both applications to identify and request parts. With PartsArena Pro’s comprehensive database and exploded diagrams, you’ll be able to find the right part and order it through Commusoft in one smooth process.

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