Paperless recall management software from Commusoft

Keeping your recall jobs to a minimum is imperative for building a reputable and profitable field service business. Using purpose-built software can help you deliver a professional service and track which engineers’ work most often requires recalls.

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Job recall management feature

No one likes to attend recall jobs. Having to fix work that’s gone wrong can hurt the reputation of your business and stop a customer returning. Using recall management software can help you identify opportunities for improvement so that it doesn’t happen again.

Manage return visits with ease using recall management software

Monitor employee performance

See which engineers are most commonly at the root of recall jobs and find opportunities for supporting staff with training and assistance

Full job history

Commusoft keeps comprehensive records of every action taken against a job and stores them in the cloud. Access job history at any time to see what’s taken place in the past.

Centralise processes

Everything relating to your jobs is all in place — no more hunting around for information on separate systems or in paper files

Create recall jobs in moments

What is a recall?

A recall is the process in which an engineer has to return to a job to fix something which has either gone wrong, or wasn’t fixed properly in the first place. Recalls cost businesses money. It’s incredibly important to minimise recalls as much as possible. Commusoft lets you track recalls and which engineer was responsible, which can be incredibly useful in helping you to identify the engineers who cause the most recalls.

understand wich engineer is causing problem

Understand which engineers are causing the problem

Commusoft provides reports on the cost of recalls as well as the engineers who are responsible. This allows you to identify training requirements and train (or retrain) staff appropriately to minimise future recalls and reduce costs.

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