Fire and security job management software

Commusoft is the all-in-one job management software solution for fire and security businesses looking to organise, streamline and ramp up their day-to-day processes

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Provide an exceptional customer journey

Commusoft’s comprehensive customer database includes all your customer’s details and job history, so you’ll be able to provide a personalised service from the moment you pick up the phone.

Go paperless and reduce admin

Creating, organising and storing paper files can eat up your staff’s day. By going paperless, you can save time, reduce your carbon footprint and look more professional to your customers.

Increase jobs and profits

Using our dynamic scheduling tool, your job management software will automatically find an available engineer and an ideal time to book in the job. This intelligent feature reduces fuel consumption and helps you book in extra jobs.

Fire and security job management software

Get organised with an easy-to-manage diary

Booking and rearranging jobs is fast and easy with Commusoft’s engineer diary feature. Your engineers will receive notifications for every new diary event, and can view their schedules from their smartphone or tablet. The app is always syncing, so whether jobs are created on mobile or desktop, everyone is kept in the loop.

Want to manually rearrange events? Simply drag and drop them in the diary.

Fire and security job management software

Build and manage your customer database

Keeping track of all your customers helps you better anticipate their needs and provide a personalised service. You can store all their details and job history in one place and information is available at the tap of a button thanks to a powerful search function.  

Fire and security job management software

Never lose track of jobs

Keeping every aspect of your jobs organised can be one of the most pressing challenges facing modern fire and security businesses. With Commusoft’s job management software, you can keep track of every appointment, part, certificate and engineer on the job site. You’ll receive instant updates with any changes, so you know exactly what your next steps are.

Fire and security job management software

A powerful mobile application for engineers

The Commusoft mobile application, available for both iOS and Android, allows your office staff to deploy jobs to engineers wherever they are. Job feedback, photos, certificates, estimates and more can be completed by the engineer onsite and sent back to the office in real time. With the right permissions, your engineer can even invoice for the job using the app.

Fire and security job management software

Professional and efficient estimates

Everyone knows that great estimates are key for winning new business, and are especially important for larger fire and security installations. With Commusoft, you can create professional, digital estimates that include multiple options with parts. Put them together from the office or onsite using the Commusoft mobile app.

Fire and security job management software

Create digital fire and security certificates

Paper certificates can be more trouble than they’re worth for busy fire and security engineers. Triplicate pads can get dirty and battered in vans and it’s all too easy to make mistakes when filling them out. By moving to digital certificates that you can complete on mobile devices, you can ensure they’re accurate, neat and branded. On-site digital signature capture makes everything legally compliant. Read more about our fire and security certificates here.

Fire and security job management software

Invoice in moments, from anywhere

Your fire and security software will notify your office staff the moment a job is complete, which means they can immediately prepare and send out invoices via email or print and post. With credit card integrations you can take card payments online the very same day. You can also set custom creditor days and filter your debtors, so you’ll always know exactly when to start debt chasing.

Our Customers Favourite Features


Create beautiful quotations using pre-built price books and parts lists from a site or from the office allowing you to deliver quotations to customers faster.

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Schedule labour on the diary and get your engineer noticed in real-time, reduce your engineers' travel and increase your company's speed and efficiency.

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Commusoft’s fire and security software stores all your customers in a single database and allows you to manage records in a simple and intuitive way.

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Filling in paper fire and security certificates is time consuming and frankly, a little tedious. Digital certificates can be completed quickly and easily using the app, saved and attached to the customer account.

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Looking to increase your business?

Commusoft is online, all-in-one software designed from the ground up for fire and security businesses.

From the office or on the road, Commusoft optimises the entire workflow for fire and security companies—from when a customer calls or emails through price quotes, jobs, scheduling, purchase orders, reporting, and, finally, invoicing.

With powerful integrated tools and analytics, Commusoft’s job management software is perfect for businesses looking to stay organised and increase their revenue.


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Commusoft’s powerful software is designed to help you manage your fire and security business.
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“The main great thing about Commusoft is the fact that everything is in one. What is really important for us, is a software that delivers a great customer service and helps people out. If the software wouldn’t support us with this it would be a catastrophe. Because, imagine someone calls up because they’ve got no […]

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