Fire and Security Job Management Software

Commusoft is the all-in-one job management software solution for fire and security businesses looking to organise, streamline and ramp up their day-to-day processes.


Planned Preventive Maintenance

Contracts can easily be lost track of if they aren’t organised as part of your fire and security software, alongside your work and customer data. That’s why Commusoft allows you to create contract templates, set segmented billable rates, and add pricing items and parts. Contracts also include the exact assets covered, any fair usage terms, SLAs, as well as planned preventative maintenance (PPM) schedules.

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planned preventive maintenance

Service Level Agreements

Breaching a service level agreement is often avoidable. With Commusoft, SLAs are put front-and-centre on the job screen to show which need to be met, which will expire soon, and which have been successfully completed. Automatic notifications keep even the busiest office staff up to date, informing them at set intervals before an SLA breaches. Efficient tracking of SLAs is central to reducing penalty fees and improving compliance.

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SLA tracking for fire and security

Digital Inspection Forms

Completing inspection forms is a standard part of an engineer's day-to-day work and therefore a core component of any plumbing software. You can design whatever type of custom form you'd like in Commusoft, pulling from 19 question/answer formats. Whether it’s a safety form, a form for a specific type of job, a checklist, an assessment, or whatever else, we give you all the tools you need to design the right form for every job. Through the Commusoft mobile app, custom forms can be completed in minutes from properties, saved as a PDF, and sent directly to customers via email. Plus, our form has a spot to collect digital signatures from the engineer and customer to show you've completed the detailed work and inspection.

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If I were to rate Commusoft out of 10, it'd be 11!

The seamless continuity between the diary and job booking/logging/location recording is a great asset to our business. As a mere glance we can see what engineers are encountering issues, are en route to appointments or have completed tasks.

- Laurence B, Director, 11-50 employees


Assets are crucial to many everyday work processes, therefore, it’s important that they are managed in a logical way within your fire and security software. Commusoft provide the ability to create fully customisable asset classes and structures that are both flexible and detailed. With properly organised assets, staff can see every linked job and work history, add assets to contracts and PPM, and install and update assets from site.

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Commusoft assets feature

Stock Control

With stock control you can manage every single part used by your fire and security business, whether in the stockroom, warehouse, or engineers' vans, ensuring you won't lose track of how many smoke detectors and beacons you have. With accurate oversight of your stock process, you can save both time and money and run a more efficient operation.

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Stock Control improves core business functions

Automatic inspection reminders

Repeat inspections and services can be created to automatically send reminders to customers, letting them know a service is due. Our messages even include an online booking link so your customers can set up an appointment right away. Set up your service reminders to recur at any time interval and generate personalised communications based on your templates. So whether you're conducting annual services or monthly checks, Commusoft's fire and security software can handle it. Automated service reminders can be an important step in retaining customers and growing repeat revenue.

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Service reminders earn more business

Residential Work

Key Benefits

  • Provide an exceptional customer journey
  • Go paperless and reduce admin
  • Increase jobs and profits
  • Create professional digital estimates
  • Complete domestic fire alarm certificates

Commercial Work

Key Benefits

  • Build preventive maintenance schedules
  • Avoid breaches with SLA tracking
  • Manage your stockroom workflow
  • Organise assets and detailed history
  • Optimise engineer schedules

10hrs saved managing schedules

35% improvement in customer feedback

15% reduction in total travel costs

20% reduction in no-access jobs

10% improvement in first-time fix rate

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