Streamline Daily Operations With Appliance Repair Software

Whether your team handles residential installations, commercial maintenance contracts, or both, Commusoft's appliance repair software ensures your team has everything they need to boost customer satisfaction and keep everything under control!

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Win More Business and Outperform Competitors

Expanding your service territory and improving customer retention boils down relies on standardised workflows and reliable internal communications. Commusoft’s all-in-one appliance repair software reduces admin burdens with powerful self-service and team management solutions. Discover how your team can exceed customer expectations and boost profits without any additional stress!
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Encourage Productivity

Build Custom Workflows

Streamlined admin and remote workflows make coordinating operations easier. Commusoft gives admins the freedom to complete more each day. Our appliance repair software and automations function as an extra team member, taking weight off your staff. With less pressure, they can focus on higher-value tasks and improve customer care.

Manage any Service Type

From mandatory planned maintenance appointments, to last-minute emergency call-outs, a flexible way to handle any situation is essential. Customising each of your service types, like repairing commercial dryers, and tech skill and shift patterns, means admins can quickly assign the team member.

Strengthen Office and Field Teamwork

Coordinating admins and remote teams is no easy feat. That’s why Commusoft’s web and mobile apps sync in real-time, or as soon as Wi-Fi connection returns. Automated updates reduce the need to place a call, meaning your teams can focus on what matters to them most.

Engineer tracking portal on mobile

Bolster Customer Care

Reduce Admin Pressure

Rather than contacting the office, building managers and other organisations you serve can access a personalised log-in portal. Any time of day, they can review live job updates, attached files, invoices, and more, for all their properties. Further, they can book appointments whenever they need.

Automatically Update Customers

Want to exceed customer expectations? As soon as your team begins to travel to the job site, your customers will automatically be notified with an on-the-way message and engineer tracking portal link. Customers will know exactly who to expect and when.

Gather Customer Feedback

Gathering customer responses after each appointment allows your team to understand where you excel and what can be improved. Ultimately, gathering customer feedback ensures you can secure more referrals and better reviews, so you can win new and repeat business.

Asset management on mobile

Increase Efficiency

Easy-To-Use Mobile App

Your engineers want to focus on their work in the field, not the tedious admin processes behind them. Commusoft’s mobile app automatically updates the office, with travel and arrivals, parts and invoice requests, completed forms, and so much more. Your entire team will be in sync no matter what!

Powerful Asset Management

Engineers shouldn’t struggle to find appliance data. After all, each second matters during critical breakdowns. From the job site, they can view valuable asset details, with past service, inspection, and parts records. This time-saving solution guarantees faster repairs and happier clients.

Digital Site Assessment Forms

Completing inspection forms is a considerable part of your field team’s days. The best appliance repair software streamlines this process, allowing your engineers to efficiently complete forms from the field. Further, your team can create customised forms for each asset, service type, or more; it’s up to you.

Create Workflows for Any Situation

Commercial appliance repair businesses handle a variety of asset and service types. The Commusoft platform ensures repair teams can expertly organise all aspects of stock, customer, and job management.

Testimonials for Commusoft

  • "Commusoft is a big player; it really puts it all together for us, and without it, genuinely, we would be lost. "

    Gurminder Jassal
    G Jassal All Trades

    G Jassal All Trades

Appliance Repair Software Features


    Your admins need the best tools to effectively schedule your installation, maintenance, and repair teams. Whether appointments get cancelled, or your team needs to incorporate a last-minute emergency call-out, remaining unfazed is essential. Commusoft enables admins to seamlessly book and move appointments, stay in sync with techs, track your mobile workforce, and more. Ultimately, streamlined dispatching workflows impacts employee and customer happiness, and your revenue!

    Commusoft mobile app with diary and scheduling features

    Every commercial appliance repair business deals with last-minute cancellations and emergency call-outs. When circumstances change, your customers depend on a coordinated office and field response. This is how the best teams stand out. An Intelligent Scheduling software weighs engineer diaries, travel times, necessary skills such as "boiler repair", and suggests appointments from most to least efficient, all in seconds. Your admin simply selects the best option, and your engineer's mobile app automatically updates with everything they need to know!

    Intelligent scheduling software suggested route

    Contracted and warranty work is foundational for commercial appliance repair. Commusoft makes it easy for your team to exceed agreements. Further, personalising maintenance schedules and contracts is a great way to prove you care. Your team can set planned preventive maintenance (PPM) schedules and benefit from automated PPM job creation, service task lists, and asset-by-asset service plans! When meeting service level agreements is effortless, you can scale your appliance repair business with ease.

    Planned maintenance schedule

    Handling a wide variety of service types means handling a wide variety of parts. Commusoft’s appliance maintenance software streamlines parts ordering and stock management for both your office and engineers. With real-time stock levels and automatic reordering for regularly-used parts, you can stay on top of, and avoid, missing items or excessive stockpiling. Further, an organised system ensures your team can have access to the parts they need, when they need them!

    Commusoft parts management on the job

    Our professional appliance repair invoices can help you improve company profits! Your team can bill on site or from the office as soon as a job is complete. Office staff can take deposits, send partial and final invoices, and receive payments online. Your crew invoice from their phone and let customers pay via card integrations. Or, commercial clients can review and handle consolidated payments through a personalised self-service statement portal. Getting on top of your financials and getting paid has never been easier!

    online payment portal pay using credit card

Appliance Repair Software Features

Appliance Repair FAQs

  • Appliance repair business software lifts administrative and organisational burdens by sorting vital business and customer data, sorting schedules, and streamlining daily work processes.

    Paper-based operations simply can’t keep up with an increasingly modern appliance repair service industry; you know this. Think of your appliance repair software as a dependable team member that works 24/7. With less tedious tasks to worry about, your team can spend more time offering the best customer experiences!

    Further, the best appliance repair software, like the Commusoft platform, offers powerful automations, like automatic invoices and intelligent scheduling, and more. With less time spent on previously time-consuming tasks, your team can focus on more important tasks while increasing company profits.

    Talk to one of our experts to learn more about how Commusoft can help your business!

  • Yes; an appliance repair software can help boost profits by increasing employee and customer happiness. After all, organised and streamlined operations make it easier to provide better service. Great experiences lead to more new and repeat business!

    If you want to dig into your company financials, we’ve got you covered. Our reporting software offers 40+ pre-configured reports, and you can also create custom view into your jobs and financial data. Accurate numbers take the pressure off business decision makers as they shape the future of your business.

    Further, if you’re wondering about profits versus expenditures per service, be sure to use our Job costing platform!

    Job costing gives you a structured system where you can confidently price all your jobs for profit. When you give a price that’s informed by the cost of parts, engineer’ labour rates, and your overhead costs, you can come up with a fair price that will also boost your bottom line. Commusoft automatically calculates how much profit you are expected to earn, so you know the ROI of a job as soon as it’s created.

  • Commusoft’s mobile app offers a variety of offline capabilities, which means your field team can be productive without Wi-Fi connection.

    This solution streamlines communication between the office and field. All data will sync to the main Commusoft web application, and to the office staff once your connection returns.

    From having access to customer and appliance histories, accessing your parts database parts, creating invoices, and so much more, Commusoft’s powerful mobile work app empowers appliance repair technicians with the data they need most.

    Learn more about Commusoft’s mobile app, and discover how you can empower your team from the road!

  • Yes; we offer fully customisable service reminders!

    You can set your self-service reminders to recur at any time interval and generate personalised communications based on your templates. Your reminders can be automated, and also include booking links, so your customers can book their appointments straightaway.

    Learn more about Commusoft’s service reminders.

  • Commusoft integrates with accounting software including Quickbooks Online, Xero, Sage Accounting, and a variety of communication, business, and supplier integrations too!

    Check out all our integrations!

  • Absolutely; whether you’re just getting started, or are rapidly expanding, Commusoft was built specifically for growing appliance repair businesses.

    Our platform and suite of tools support both small and large asset service businesses with a minimum of 4 contracted licenses per account.

    Learn more about our pricing and packages.

  • Yes, free trial versions of our platform are available upon request, following an online demonstration of the platform with one of our product experts. Trials are a great opportunity to further evaluate Commusoft.

    Learn about Commusoft’s Free Trial here!

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