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Boost job bookings with estimates software


Professional estimates software is a great way to win more business and increase revenue. Our software takes you through the entire process of giving an estimate—from offering a reliable method to provide fair prices, to sending your quote to customers. With Commusoft, you have a simple and efficient way to create estimates on-site and receive acceptance and deposits online.


Win more business with powerful estimating software

Create estimates on site

With professional job management software, your engineers can produce engaging estimates and quotes using their mobile devices while at the customer's property.

Attach images and video

Need to grab a photo or video of the proposed location for that new installation? You can capture it through the Commusoft app and store it alongside the quote.

Get immediate approval

As soon as estimates have been completed, you can get them approved with a digital signature, so you can move on to booking the job right away.

Customise templates

Build and utilise different estimate templates, so your entire team, whether in the field or the office, can easily create unbeatable quotes.



W Williams Plumbing and Heating Ltd

We have had a lot more estimates accepted since using the software as it gives the customers confidence in us due to the way everything is now presented to them via Commusoft.

Increase your job bookings

Create winning estimates


Commusoft estimates software speeds up the entire quoting process. We provide a workflow that takes you through the estimate start to finish, giving you a spot to put in all the needed information. On top of that, we allow you to easily send these professional quotes straight to customers by email. There, customers can accept and pay their deposit. Commusoft tracks when estimates have been accepted, so your team can book the job and get to work straightaway.

  • Get digital quotes accepted quicker
  • Keep estimates organised in one system
  • Build professional quotes straight from the field
Quote builder

Optimise your quote building workflows


Spend less time creating quotes, and more time booking and completing jobs! Without estimate templates, you’ll find yourself manually rewriting what you’ve already said in a previous quote. Our estimates software allows you to create professional estimate templates through the web app. Your staff can use these templates across desktop and mobile devices, both in the office and in the field, so anyone can create quotes in moments.

  • Build quotes for different occasions
  • Create professional estimates in minutes
  • Save valuable time creating quotes
Quoting templates

Build professional and accurate estimates

Build accurate quotes with parts prices

Parts database and quotes

With Commusoft, your team can quickly add exact parts and prices that are required for the work. With information directly from your parts database, you can ensure your quotes are accurate. Additionally, you can send price requests to multiple suppliers with our estimate parts portal. This lets you see prices the moment your suppliers provide them – even without being logged into Commusoft.

Quoting for parts

Display multiple estimate options


Many customers like to hear what their options are. Our estimates software allows your engineers to create multiple estimate options and send them all at once for approval or rejection. When it’s easier for your customer to find the right fit, you’re more likely to win their business or up-sell a more profitable service. You also have control to display the pricing with no breakdown, breakdown by category, or a full breakdown with each line item.

  • Please customers with multiple options
  • Choose from different pricing breakdowns
  • Send options individually or separately for approval
quoting software price breakdown options

More ways to make estimates a breeze

  • Accept payments and deposits online

    Tired of following up on your estimates and chasing deposits? With Commusoft, your customers respond to and accept estimates with a few easy clicks, straight from their email. If there is an initial deposit due, you can even take the payment right then and there with a credit or debit card.

    Estimate quoting portal
  • Create branded PDFs

    Don't spend time copy and pasting important estimate records! Commusoft automatically creates branded PDFs for your company records, or to send to customers.

    quoting software acceptance with digital signature

More ways to make estimates a breeze

Estimates software FAQs

  • Keep messy handwritten notes and paper estimates in the past! Digital estimates ensure important estimates and respective parts data stays in one place. Estimates software helps field service businesses create professional quotes directly from the job site, impress customers with impressive and accurate estimates, and win business quicker.

    Further, with Commusoft, your team can quickly add updated parts costs, multiple quoting options, and accept deposits online, streamlining the entire estimating process.

  • Commusoft’s pricing will depend on how many licenses you need and which of our plans you choose. To see all of our pricing details and which features are included on which plans, check out our pricing page.

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