Job Costing

Track Job Costs and Maximise Job Profitability

Job costing with Commusoft allows field service businesses to track labour costs, travel time, and parts used for a job. With accurate costings per job, and reporting features, you can make informed decisions about where to best utilise your budget.

Job costing table

Job Costing Features

Automatic Data Collection

Commusoft's mobile app calculates costs based on engineer travel time, job length, and labour rate.

Costs per Job

Integrate various costs against jobs, including labour, travel, sub-contractors, parts, and extra costs.

Labour Rates

Labour rates vary across your services; Commusoft accurately combines the correct charges per job.

Travel Time

Engineer travel time charges and call-out fees can automatically be applied to jobs with job costing.


Parts used, or not used, can all be effortlessly tracked and accurately applied to job costs.

Profit Report

Our reporting tools help decision-makers analyse profits and determine how to price future jobs.



Xbg Plumbing & Heating Ltd

We have had a brilliant experience with Commusoft. The reports and costing functions are extremely useful.

Effectively Price Your Jobs

Structure Daily Operations Around Automation


Every time an engineer marks themselves as travelling to, arrived, or leaving a property, Commusoft records labour costs based upon the engineer’s time on-site. This data is precisely applied to each job, saving valuable admin time.

  • Costs are saved against a job in one convenient location
  • Your team can always manually add any additional costs
  • Complete jobs quicker with reliable job costing
Job costing table

Establish Advantageous Pricing


Commusoft simplifies business profitability by routinely tracking all job costs. This data helps establish realistic pricing for each of your services, ensuring that your charges are reasonable for customers, competitive, and will increase revenue.

  • Charge customers in relation to bolstering revenue
  • Job costs that favor both your business and customers
  • Provide consistent billing for all customers, every time
Reporting for estimates

See the UK’s Best Job Costing System in Action!

Get the Most Out of Your Jobs

Foolproof Incorporation


Applying parts to both job estimates and bills has never been easier. Commusoft automatically records all the parts used and purchase orders made across each one of your jobs, resulting in flawless bills every time.

  • Returned parts can accurately be minused from bills
  • Applying credit notes to charges is stress free
  • Determine how parts interact job costing and pricing
Purchase orders tracking costs

No More Second-Guessing


Automated data collection saves time and delivers flawless reports, so you can make confident business decisions. Our profit reports offer clear overviews of total costs, profits, profit margin on individual jobs, filters, and option to export.

  • Understand how your business is performing
  • Vital business information is hosted in the cloud
  • Share vital data with decision-makers with easy exporting
Job costing profit report

Job Costing Has Never Been Easier

  • Profit by Job Report

    Justify decisions with vital information and understand how your company generates money, helping your team cost jobs more profitably.

    Job costing profit report
  • Mobile Time Tracking

    Oversee engineers in the field with Commusoft's mobile app and see your labour rates, call-out fees, parts costs, and time on-site are sustainable

    Timesheet management software desktop view
  • Purchase Orders

    Understand how your parts costs affect your job costing with our data gathering and reporting tools

    Purchase orders tracking costs
  • Manually Add Costs Too

    Your team can always manually add extra costs like additional labour rates and travel fees per engineer per job

    Customise reporting columns
  • Returns and Credit Notes

    If parts aren't used, making returns, or issuing credit notes to customers is easily managed within Commusoft

    Stock control returns

Job Costing Has Never Been Easier

Job Costing FAQs

  • Job costing software is a tool that helps businesses understand exactly how much expenses are spent on jobs; this information can be used to back business decisions that maintain company profitability.

    This tool is especially useful for teams struggling with pricing their services, those who are interested in scaling up, and those who want to bring home profits confidently!

  • Commusoft’s job costing software tracks labour costs, parts used, and travel time for jobs. This information means your team can build profit and expense reports which your decision makers can use to see how best to grow your business.

  • Our job costing software pricing depends on how many licenses you need, and which of our powerful plans you choose.

    Learn more about each of our plans and pricing ➞

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