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Digital Legionella Risk Assessment certificates for modern field service businesses

January 6, 2022 - 3 minutes

Organised and accurate Legionella Risk Assessment certificates are essential for demonstrating your professionalism to customers. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for things to go missing and get messy with traditional paper-based systems. Switch to job management software for simple, digital Legionella Risk Assessment certificates.

Your engineers will love digital Legionella Risk Assessment certificates


Say goodbye to paperwork

Creating, filing and organising paperwork can eat up hours of your employees’ time every week. Commusoft allows you to quickly create digital documents and store everything safely in the cloud.

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Save time completing certificates

Commusoft saves you time by utilising the comprehensive customer database, to automatically populate all the known fields on your digital Legionella Risk Assessment certificates.

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Instantly send certificates

There’s no need to wait for office staff to send certificates on to customers. Branded PDFs are automatically generated and can be emailed out from the job site by the engineer as soon as they are completed.

Easy Legionella Risk Assessment certificate management

Completing paperwork is never going to be your engineers’ favourite part of the job. Messy stacks of paper get tossed around in the van and end up looking tattered — no one wants to hand that to a customer. With Commusoft, you can create digital certificates in moments with our intuitive mobile app and the completed certificates can be instantly sent to your customer.

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Branded Legionella Risk Assessment certificates

Every interaction you have with your customers is an opportunity to further cement your brand in their minds. With documents that include your business’s brand colours, you make sure certificates from you look attractive, professional and are instantly identifiable.

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Stop wasting time filling in customer details

Copying customer details over from your job sheet to a Legionella Risk Assessment certificate may be a small task, but it’s an unnecessary one with Commusoft. The mobile application will autofill any known certificate fields by pulling through data from the customer profile. Need to use a different email address? No problem, simply edit the contact field when you’re about to send the certificate.

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Electronic signature capture

Say goodbye to pens. Commusoft’s digital certificate software allows you to capture customer and engineer signatures using the touchscreen on your mobile device, so you can rest assured that you have proof of completion.

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We have much more to offer…

If you’re in the gas and oilelectrical, or fire and security business, you’ll be happy to hear that our software also provides digital certificates for those industries too.