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Commusoft’s pest control software supports safety compliance in the field and transparency between your business and customers.

Pest control customer database communication log

Customer database and service contracts

Clear communication between customers and businesses is a foundation of the pest control industry. Commusoft’s customer database for pest control organises all of your customer data, job histories, and contacts in one place. Your team will never again feel the sting of being unprepared. Engineers will walk into jobs knowledgeable about the issue, what has been done in the past, and ready to provide helpful solutions. Plus, you can modify the database to accommodate unique pest control needs, such as whether or not certain chemicals may be used on a property or if the customer is comfortable with engineers cutting into drywall to remove critters.

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Pest control customer database information

Vehicle tracking

When it comes to safety, it’s important to have a hive mind-set. Travelling with dangerous chemicals means your engineers need to be extra safe on the road. With real-time vehicle tracking, you’ll always know where your engineers are, where they’ve been, and how they’re driving. Our GPS leaderboard and driver detail reports will further emphasise safe driving practices, elongating the life of your company’s fleet. With this combination of real time data and historical driver trip records, you'll never again wonder where any of your engineers are in the field.

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Tracking driver behaviour

Parts and stock control

Many pest control businesses deal with a wide variety of vermin; from rats to termites, ensuring that the right parts for the right job are on hand is essential. Commusoft’s pest control software streamlines and organises parts ordering and management for both your office and engineers. With real-time inventory and automatic reordering for regularly-used parts, you can stay on top of, and avoid, missing items or excessive stockpiling. This robust system reduces the risk of your engineers arriving without the specific wand sprayer or chemicals for the job.

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Pest control inventory management app

Invaluable in assisting with day to day tasks

Commusoft takes the stress and hard labour out of many office tasks, everything is in one place, making the day to day running of the office as smooth and pleasant as possible.

- Charley M. Director.

On-site questionnaires for engineers and applicators

Accountability and making sure that safety measures are being met are critical for providing world-class customer service. By tailoring required questions for your field staff to complete, both when they arrive on the job, and before they leave, your pest control business can maximise compliance and ensure proper record taking. Commusoft’s field questionnaires are entirely customisable, they can support a variety of questions such as whether engineers or applicators have the right personal protective equipment (PPE), can prompt them to double check that pets, children, and customers are away from the area when working with chemicals, and can ask if residents and property managers have been informed of the location of any traps.

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Pest control mobile leave questions

Booking and scheduling

In a highly reactive industry, a stress free booking process, and an easy-to-read schedule saves valuable time. When your business is teeming with new jobs and last-minute cancellations, you can seamlessly pivot and keep operations running smoothly without burdening your office team. Commusoft’s intelligent scheduling, service windows, job status updates, and automated communications all ensure that the right engineers or applicators are being sent to the right jobs, and that customers are always in the loop.

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pest control intelligent scheduling

Licensing options for seasonal employees

We understand that many businesses in the pest control industry operate on a more seasonal basis and may fluctuate staffing based on demand. Commusoft’s licensing options are flexible: whether your company is swarming with new hires, utilizing subcontractors, or if you’re dormant in the winter—contracted, rolling, and daily licenses can fit any variety of your company’s hiring needs.

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Key Benefits

  • Track properties, tenants, and landlords
  • Collect payment on site and online
  • Take bookings through your website
  • Schedule appointments in seconds
  • Improve customer communication


Key Benefits

  • Implement planned preventative maintenance
  • Ensure SLAs are monitored and met
  • Invoice multiple jobs at once
  • Track inventory and parts
  • Benefit from shorter billing cycles

10hrs saved managing schedules

35% improvement in customer feedback

15% reduction in total travel costs

20% reduction in no-access jobs

10% improvement in first-time fix rate

Pest Control Industry FAQs

How does pest control job management software help my business?
The best pest control service software helps you increase company revenue while slicing admin tasks. With safety and compliance in mind, your team can be prepared for any extermination job and provide great customer service.
Do I have to pay for a software subscription for my technicians when they aren’t working for my company?
Nope! We understand that in the pest control industry, there’s a busy season followed by periods where you don’t need as many employees on board. That's why we give you the freedom to purchase rolling, monthly, or daily licenses to avoid paying for technicians when they aren't working for you. Learn more about which pricing plan could be a good fit for you.
Can I use my current accounting package with Commusoft?
We support QuickBooks, Sage, Xero, and more. Learn more about how Commusoft integrates with accounting software.
How much does pest control software cost?
The total cost will depend on how many licenses you purchase. You’ll need to buy a license for each person who uses a Commusoft account, whether that be technicians, office staff, or managers. Learn more about pricing here.

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