Improving how we handled invoices in Commusoft was one of the main reasons that we decided to undertake such an ambitious upgrade – if you’ve not read about our upgrade, check it out here. We had been getting feedback from clients for a while asking us to introduce new features into our invoicing software.  The problem was it was technically challenging; so much so in fact, that it would have taken almost as long to rewrite the whole Commusoft system than it was to introduce some of these invoicing changes.

Invoices are the most important document within a business.  Without them, you’re not getting paid.  Our field service clients were always being asked to customise the look and information displayed on the invoice based on the specific demands of their customers.  It was, therefore, important when we looked at improving our invoicing software that we actually made sure it was going to meet the needs of our clients and, give us some additional wiggle room for future improvements.