The Benefits of an Automated Invoicing Processing System

June 1, 2021 | Read: 7 minutes

Are you using an automated invoice processing system? It could transform the way you process invoices across your field service businesses…

Invoices are essential. They lead to you getting paid, which means you can buy the equipment, tools, resources, and fund the staff you need to have an incredible business!

For all the good invoicing brings, though, it can be a time-consuming process, even with digital tools.

After all, what might have once been a great solution a few years ago can eventually become inefficient. That can lead to a loss of productivity, waste money, and even stunt your growth if you don’t innovate with newer tools.

In short, it means that it could be time for an upgrade.

Let’s take a look at how an automated invoice processing system can help solve those problems:

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Do you need a variety of invoicing tools for every occasion?

Think of introducing automation like this:

You’re renovating your garden and want to create some new flowerbeds.

Using a shovel and trowel, you can quite easily get this job done.

Later, however, you decide that you actually want to renovate the entire garden, right down to the grassroots.

You’d be forgiven for not wanting to use those smaller tools because, to do it well, you’d need a machine to save you from backbreaking, time-consuming work.

In short: there’s a better way.

The same can be said of improving your invoicing strategy.

After all, you want to be sure you have the best tools to manage so that, even if the tasks don’t change, your business can continue to work as efficiently as possible, even when the scale increases.

It’s a case of working smarter, not harder!

If we return to the gardening analogy for a moment: this means that once you’ve done your landscaping, you can return to the trusty spade and trowel to maintain the whole thing; right down to the delicate tasks, with precision.

Remember: think about the tools you have now vs. the new tools you need in the future!

Will automation make invoicing easier?

You may have found yourself in this position already. Productivity has slowed down and your team appear fatigued. 

On closer inspection, it’s not that they’re incapable or lazy, it’s that their tools are no longer sufficient.

Automation can help to solve this problem.

Or, more specifically to invoicing: an automated invoice processing system can help.

It’s through automated invoicing that you can help staff to optimise invoicing. And this means invoice software—which helps customers to securely pay you online—can keep on working wonders.

Consolidated invoicing, is one way to help. It’s where software groups together multiple invoices into a single entity—making it easy to pay bulk payments in one go.

What automation does is take the strain away from your team, automatically completing manual tasks so they can work on another task!

An automated invoice processing system will reduce the manual steps required and make managing invoices a breeze.

The Real Power of Automation:

As our very own CEO, Jason Morjaria, puts it:

Automation creates consistency; if something is automated in your business it means it’s done every time, without fail. You’re not relying on a person to do something (or forgetting to do something). You also know it’s done in a particular way, every time.

That consistency adds security.

It’s also one of the best ways to help limit mistakes and remove inefficiencies that could damage your business.

The alternative, particularly if you continue to pursue business growth without the right tools to support your teams, could be:

  • A breakdown in customer relationships (who are frustrated by delays)
  • Irritated staff (who are overworked or left bored)
  • A high risk of leaving money on the table (and how will you grow if you’re not getting paid?)

However, with automated invoicing and automation tools supporting other administrative tasks. Instead, you’ll see that you can:

  • Deliver peace of mind to your customers and suppliers
  • Create happier colleagues who can do more interesting work
  • Improve cash flow across the business

This is all because you’re ensuring that accurate invoices are created, sent, and filed precisely when they’re needed.

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Does automation help your business grow?

Deciding to change the way your business operates can be tricky and it will mean spending money.

However, the idea is that by spending money, you’ll be more efficient and ultimately improve cash flow and profitability.

Of course, It’s understandable if you’re not yet convinced.

You might think: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix”, right?

However, just because something works doesn’t mean it can’t be improved upon, or that there’s not a better way…

After all, if you’re working to capacity and contemplating bringing new hires, it makes to work smarter, not harder, right? On the other hand, what if people leave and have to be replaced?

New starters can always expect a learning curve whenever they settle in and whether your company is newly paperless or fully digital, you’ll benefit when everyone is empowered to work more efficiently.

What do Commusoft’s customers say?

Software tools are proving time and time again to be a cost-effective way of empowering your workforce.

It can simplify workloads and improve productivity, just like Phil says:

“Before, we were doing about 100 jobs a month. Since using Commusoft, we’ve grown to do 400 jobs a month and only had to double our workforce [not quadruple it]. The features that Commusoft offers have allowed us to significantly grow and take our business to the next level.”

Phil Mulvena, Premier Heating Solutions, (Customer Journey Plan)

Digital tools can make a significant impact on productivity, empowering fewer people to achieve a great deal more but without added stress!

Automated invoicing software is just one piece of that puzzle.

Training Staff:

When it comes to training new staff, it’s easier with newer tools that are intuitive. It means there’s less risk than if they rely on memory alone (even pros make mistakes, after all, but these are minimised with tech tools).

Ask yourself: Do engineers need to learn all the specific pricing variations for every job as soon as possible? With automation, they still can learn these details, but they can learn quickly and create mistake-free invoices more easily, thanks to “rules” you can set, all to save you time!

Learn more about automated invoicing, with Commusoft:

With Commusoft you can customise the default pricing and even invoice certain jobs automatically.

Is an engineer going to do boiler installation? Great! They can select that option and price it correctly automatically.

With default pricing items, advanced labour rates, and price books, you have a wealth of automatic invoicing options available. This means that jobs are never (or rarely) charged incorrectly.

It’s great to know that your staff are equipped with the tools to invoice correctly. Automation can help them to get the numbers right, every time, and even give them the time to discover new skills!

Do you want to learn more from Commusoft? We’ve got you covered.

Downloadable your free guide to help you create invoices that customers will pay!

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