Checklists designed especially for field service businesses

With such highly technical work, it is essential to keep everyone organised and on task. Checklists help ensure that your engineers are all performing work to the same high standard and can be customised at anytime to meet your business's evolving needs.

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Checklist feature

Each customer is unique. Their particular requirements, especially for larger projects that utilise multiple engineers, can occasionally fall outside the realms of typical industry standards. Custom checklists help your engineers provide the exact service required by even your most demanding clients.

Provide a custom service with checklist certificates

Go paperless

Your engineers have always taken down notes and created lists relating to their jobs, but it’s often been on pieces of paper. Paperless job management software safely stores checklists and all your other vital data in the cloud, accessible from anywhere.

Greater control

Be more precise than ever and rest assured that all of your customer's needs have been answered, thanks to a completed checklist stored alongside the job record.

Branded checklists

Checklists are branded PDF documents that can be easily sent to your customer. The customer's name, relevant addresses and any captured signatures will be automatically added to the checklist.

Signed custom checklist

Never lose track of custom paperwork

Once the work has been carried out and your engineer’s mind is already on the next job, it’s all too easy to forget to finish up the paperwork. By providing a convenient digital checklist, you can easily complete it as you go about your work on site using a mobile device. Once finished, get it immediately signed off by the customer and the checklist will be made available for office staff to review via the web app.

Custom checklist example

Instantly send to customers

Checklists function a bit like certificates in Commusoft. Once they’re complete you can instantly email a PDF version of the full document to your customer. If you’ve set up your company colour scheme, you can provide branded documents that increase brand awareness and demonstrate your professionalism.

Adding questions to custom checklists

Ultimate flexibility

These checklists are yours – and can be as complex or simple as necessary. You could create a custom checklist for a specific enterprise customer, a particular type of job, or even as forms for internal management. It’s entirely up to you. We provide options for question structure, including text, checkboxes, dropdown menus, and more.

Custom checklist web view

All your records centralised

Thanks to Commusoft’s comprehensive customer database and intelligent job management features, all actions and documents are stored in the system against the appropriate customer and job. Your custom checklists will be available in the job history, so your office staff will always be fully informed when it comes to booking in new jobs and discussing previous work with customers.

Custom certificates

Need more than that?

If you’re looking to create something more like a certificate, particularly if it must meet industry standards, you may wish to consider our professional services. We can quickly create and deploy a professional Custom Certificate, designed specifically for your business and to meet your unique needs.

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