Access key reports from a customisable reporting dashboard

Clear accurate reporting can help you make an informed choice about the direction and management of your field service business. Commusoft's reporting dashboard is the central hub, providing a full overview of every facet of your business.

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Financial reporting and analytics software

See critical financial information at a glance in easy-to-understand graphics and track the performance of your business.

A central hub for all your reporting needs

Reports for all aspects of the business

We provide preconfigured reports that allow you to drill down into data on jobs, customers, finances, reminders, parts, suppliers, sales, users, and more. Plus export reports for print or for use in Excel.

Customisable dashboard

You control the widgets you see on your dashboard, easily rearranging them with drag and drop functionality. Quickly view visual snap shots of key business data, such as sales by month, customer satisfaction, and advertising performance.

Create custom reports

If you wish to access more specific reports, you can create and save your own at any time. Choose the date range and select from a variety of editable filters to view exactly the data you need.

Reporting dashboard

All your reports in one place

The reporting dashboard is your go-to reporting hub. From here you can access over 30 preconfigured reports, covering a wide range of business metrics and data sources. If you want to generate a custom report to see data within specific parameters, you can do that too, and name it and save it for future use.

Widget move

Customise the dashboard to your needs

Your dashboard is designed to help you quickly access the data that is most important to you. You can choose from various unique widgets, that offer a quick overview of a specific business area. These can be moved around as you wish, so you can put key widgets for you at the top, ensuring critical data is always in front of you.

financial reporting- track sales and costs

Financial reporting at a glance

Staying on top of finances is crucial for any business to succeed. Commusoft’s financial reporting tools allow you to track your finances, profit, and monitor debtors through quick and effective visualisations or in-depth reports.


Drill down into jobs and more

The reporting dashboard offers an opportunity to dive into all sorts of business data. For example, the Job Status widget, shown here, offers a quick look at the current status of jobs in the system, simply click on those numbers to see more details. You can also create custom reports into any other area – customers, parts, diary events and more. Learn about job and customer reports here.

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