Reports and Dashboard

Access key insights and customisable reports

Commusoft's reports and dashboard provides a full overview of every facet of your company, helping you make an informed choice about the direction and management of your field service business. We automatically generate reports on everything from your work orders to finances to make sure you stay on top of all the moving parts of your business.

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Comprehensive data

We provide preconfigured reports that allow you to drill down into data on jobs, customers, finances, reminders, parts, suppliers, sales, users, and more. Plus, you can export reports for print or for use in Excel.

Personalised dashboard

You control the widgets you see on your dashboard, easily rearranging them with our drag and drop functionality. Quickly view visual snapshots of critical business metrics, such as sales by month, customer satisfaction, and job statuses.

Create custom reports

If you wish to access more specific reports, you can create and save your own at any time. Choose the date range and select from a variety of editable filters to view the exact data you need, when you need it.

Key reporting functionalities

  • Access preconfigured reports
  • Visualisation dashboard
  • Financial reports and data
  • Job and engineer reports
  • Parts and purchasing reports
  • Customise your reports
reports and dashboard overview

View all reports in one place

We capture various datasets and present them in an intuitive way, covering a wide range of business metrics. You have access to 40+ preconfigured reports, including (but not limited to):

  • Jobs and estimates
  • Financial reports
  • Timesheets
  • Parts and POs

If you wish to generate a custom report to see your data within specific parameters, simply add filters and save it for future use.

reports and dashboard data visualisation

Visualise data with your dashboard

Your dashboard is designed to be your go-to reporting hub, helping you quickly access the data that is most important to you. You can choose from various unique widgets that offer a quick visual overview of a specific business area. These can be moved around as you wish, so you can put the most useful widgets at the top, ensuring that vital information is always in front of you.

reports and dashboard financial reporting

Track finances at a glance

With our financial reports and dashboards, you never lose track of how much money you’re owed, your day-to-day expenses, or how much profit you’re making. We make sure that it’s simple to keep your finances in line. We track your estimates, expenses, purchase orders, profits, debts, sales, and more! Both our visualisations and in-depth reports give you the crucial real-time information you need to make the best financial decisions.

reports and dashboard showing job data

Every job added in one report

View a list of every job you’ve ever created or select predefined reports for jobs that are outstanding, free of charged, or aborted. You can also dive into reports for customers, parts, diary events, service reminders, as well as other aspects of your day-to-day work. For a quick look at the current status of jobs in the system, simply check the dashboard widget and click to see more details.

Learn exactly how our reports and dashboard will boost your bottom line

View cost and profit reports

Quickly check your profits

With the profit by job report, you can get an in-depth look at exactly which jobs are proving especially profitable—or not—for your business. Configure the report to provide exactly the information most important to you, so you can access what you need at a glance. For example, by including the quoted amount column, you can see if your profits are in line with your initial estimates. You can also track your ongoing expenses and see profit by job or engineer, providing opportunities to reduce costs and maximise profit.

estimates report

Monitor your estimates and quotes

Estimates are an important part of any field service business; it’s one of the top ways that you win new customers and beat out the competition. You can use Commusoft’s reports and dashboard to check how many of your quotes are being accepted or rejected, and see a breakdown of reasons for rejection. Using this data, you can make decisions about the changes necessary to improve.

reports and dashboard parts data

Track the status of parts

Having the right parts on hand means quicker jobs, simpler installs, and happier customers. The parts reports can show you the status of each type of part you have and the number of parts that you’ve installed in a given time frame. We also provide a parts operational list so you can see which parts have been requested by engineers, are on order, and are available. You also see key details about the part such as manufacturer number, quantity requested, which job it’s linked to, and which user made the request.

reports and dashboard customisation

Customise your reports

You can use filters to customise your reports to gain crucial business insights. For example, for job reports, you can filter by customer type, job status, type of job, etc. You can then save these reports and name them however you like so you can keep track of what’s important to you. To give you the flexibility of using these reports outside of Commusoft, you have the option to print and download an Excel version of any report.

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