Stay organised with service contract management

Service contracts can easily be lost track of if they aren't managed alongside your work and customer data. Commusoft offers tools to manage each part of your service or maintenance contract, from billable rates and pricing items, to PPM and SLAs. Staying on top of your contractual obligations is the key to maintaining long lasting relationships with customers.

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Planned preventative maintenance feature

Large customers offer high-value contracts, but have many requirements that need to be met. Make sure you hit the ground running by managing service contracts and maintenance agreements from within your CRM. With the correct tools, you'll never lose track of a customer's contract or their exact contract terms. Commusoft field service maintenance contract management includes segmented billable rates, pricing items, parts and assets, PPM, SLAs, and more, enabling you to stay organised.

Managing multiple service contracts just got easy

Contract templates

Create contract templates to save on admin time. If specific accounts have different contract terms, you can edit those on a customer-by-customer basis. This provides time-saving tools that still offer a high level of detail and accuracy.

Planned preventive maintenance

PPM schedules can be linked to customer contracts. This allows for maintenance agreements to be fully planned out week-by-week and gives the whole team a comprehensive overview.

Service level agreements

SLAs are often crucial components of a field service contract. Commusoft allows you to add SLAs to contracts and monitor their progress at all times, including automatic notifications if an SLA is going to expire.

Contract set up overview

Robust contract management tools

Service contract management can be extremely complicated, which is why Commusoft offers the ability to create detailed custom service contracts and assign them to customers. Pricing items, parts, and fair usage terms can easily be added, as well as which assets are covered by the contract. With the right tools, even complex contracts and maintenance agreements can be effectively managed and monitored. For Automation plan users, billable rates for labour and travel can be set and even segmented by job description to ensure the correct rates are used.

Manage all sorts of contracts

Whether you offer annual service contracts such as bronze, silver, and gold service plans or complex bespoke contracts, you can handle them all with our contract management tools. Yearly service plans can be a great way to generate more revenue and improve customer satisfaction – they’re easy to set up, manage, and amend as required.

planned preventive maintenance

Planned preventive maintenance schedules

If your customers expect time-based planned maintenance, you are able to create detailed PPM schedules as part of your service contract management. PPM schedules are incredibly visual and interactive in Commusoft, allowing you to view the entire annual diary and every required task. Set how often each task needs to occur and the smart schedule will only allow them to be booked accordingly. Simply click to add planned work to the chosen week. If there is a more efficient schedule, the system will suggest revisions to reduce the number of visits you make to the property.

Service level agreements

SLA monitoring improves compliance

Additional contract management tools are available on the Automation plan. Breaching a service level agreement is costly and can harm your relationship with your customers. To improve your SLA attainment rate, you need to make sure you are routinely monitoring SLA progress. Commusoft makes it easy with 5 different SLA metrics, colour-coded SLA counters, and reporting tools. By employing automatic notifications, staff are alerted if an SLA will soon breach, giving them chance to complete the task and avoid the penalty fee.

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