Supplier Invoicing

Manage supplier invoicing and payments with your all-in-one field service software

Keeping your suppliers happy with accurate, on-time payments is essential if you're going to maintain a positive working relationship. By generating professional invoices and tracking all your payments, you stay on top of your purchases and keep your business organised. All of this is possible with the help of Commusoft's supplier invoicing and payment tracking.

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Digital supplier invoicing

Dealing with excessive documents or information in various systems is no one's favourite part of running a field service business. So, manage all your supplier invoices in the cloud and forget the stress of organising and managing various documents.

Raise invoices in seconds

Commusoft allows you to generate professional-looking PDFs by filling out just a few essential fields and hitting save. If you’re creating a vendor invoice by completing a purchase order, the fields will be completed automatically.

Track all supplier payments

No one wants a supplier chasing them for payments. But in the frenzy of running a field service business, it’s easy to forget the occasional deadline. Payment tracking means you know exactly when to send your next payment and how much you still owe.

Supplier invoicing functions

  • Supplier finances all in one place
  • Add supplier invoices & payments
  • View purchase orders against suppliers
  • Set supplier credit terms
  • Store costing info against jobs
  • Use reports to monitor any debts
Supplier dashboard

Keep all your supplier invoices and receipts in one place

From the supplier dashboard you can perform quick actions like raising new invoices, adding payments, or setting credit terms. Commusoft brings it all together in one handy location by offering you a clear view of every purchase order, invoice, and payment. With all your supplier invoicing processes simplified and centralised, it’s easy to manage your payments and ensure financial accuracy.

Raise supplier invoices against jobs

Raise supplier invoices against jobs

Calculating accurate costs for all your jobs is imperative when setting prices that allow you to grow a profitable business. With Commusoft’s supplier invoicing and tracking feature, you can raise supplier invoices against a job as an associated cost. Therefore, when it comes to calculating the final price for your customer, you have everything you need on hand.

Supplier invoices and payments report

View reports to monitor your debts to suppliers

Commusoft’s reporting feature is incredibly useful for assessing the performance of your business and helping make informed decisions. We provide many customisable reports that allow you to view all your records, including supplier invoices. At a glance, you see how much you owe on each invoice, when the invoice was raised, and when it was paid, plus other relevant data.

Send supplier payments to your accounting software

Assign payments to supplier invoices

As soon as you’ve made a payment to your supplier, you can assign it to the supplier invoice using your payment tracking software. If you have an accounting integration set up, this payment will also carry through to the supplier invoice in that application. Assign the method of payment, add a description and include a reference to keep your payments organised.

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