Benefits of Using an Online Appointment System

Scheduling and securing jobs is a very important part of your business, as you already know. To make the scheduling process easier on your team, your customer, and your budget: consider using an online appointment system.

Taking your booking system online is helpful because the software: 

  1. Online appointment systems allow people to schedule services in a familiar space

  2. Seamlessly sets up the form based on your services

  3. Improves the customer journey when it comes to scheduling

  4. Online appointment systems convert new prospects in a simple way

  5. Automatically sends confirmation emails

  6. Sends you a notification when someone requests an appointment

  7. Online appointment systems provide a smoother experience for admin

1. Online appointment system allow people to schedule services in a familiar space

Customers value online experiences, especially when it comes to making purchases. If you aren’t offering online booking, the prospect may very well go to a competitor who does.

About 93% of respondents said they’d be more likely to choose a provider that uses online booking over one who doesn’t, according to Therefore, taking your booking services online provides a competitive advantage for your business.

Offering online booking provides value because customers book anywhere they have internet, rather than depending on staff availability to book. So, having a 24/7 lead capture is a powerful tool that increases your conversion rate.

With an online booking system, people conveniently book wherever and whenever. There’s no need for customers to step out of work, sit on hold, or play phone tag.

Catering to your customers’ preferences pays off and is what people expect. In an age where people already use the internet for much of their lives, putting your booking form right on your website aligns the process with their lifestyle.

Moreover, people use company websites to understand services and make decisions, so providing a scheduling system right then and there reduces the number of steps a customer takes to purchase your services.

It’s helpful to easily integrate the booking form with your website by embedding HTML code which becomes an online booking form. The software should write the code for you and makes the code available to you in your settings.

online booking form website

Learn more about creating excellent customer journeys online

2. Seamlessly sets up the form based on the services you offer

Online appointment systems let you clearly state which services your business offers. It can be difficult if customers request services you don’t provide

A well-designed dropdown menu gives customers a glance at what you have to offer so they can choose accordingly:

online appointment system service

3. Improves the customer journey when it comes to scheduling

Online booking forms speak to customer preferences by making the process less restricting for them.

For instance, being able to request appointments online reduces certain pain points for customers, such as talking on the phone, being on hold, booking only when the office is open, etc.

Customers appreciate it when you optimise their time. Let them book whenever they wish with a quick and easy method where they state their preference, instead of throwing dates back and forth with staff over the phone.

The button on your company website can say “Request an appointment” or “Book now”, for example. By clicking this button, a great online appointment system allows your customers to select the service they need, their preferred date and time, and write in any additional information.

This simple form should give you all the information you need while keeping it quick and easy on your customer’s end:

online appointment system form

Ideally, a calendar appears so the prospect selects a date that suits their availability. The calendar allows the customer to easily see the days of the week, which helps the customer align their availability for appointments with their weekly routine:

online appointment system date

Scheduling with your customers’ preferences in mind pays off by increasing both jobs and cash flow.


4. Online appointment systems convert new prospects in a simple way

Companies will go great lengths to convert a customer. The good news is, an online appointment system doesn’t require much effort to implement and has a high return on investment with how easily customers convert.

You definitely don’t want to miss out on securing a job just because someone can’t conveniently schedule with you.

Online appointment request forms contribute to your business growth because it’s easy for new customers to get in your system and therefore that much easier to have a service scheduled.

New customers are essential to business growth. And taking aspects of your business online is extremely powerful for revenue growth. People land on you and your booking page and can easily book at whatever time and wherever they are. Customers become turned off and unlikely to use your business if the process feels inconvenient.

To show you just how simple the process is for a new customer, let’s break it down with Commusoft’s online booking form.

A prospective customer browses around and lands on your website. They see your online booking form button.

They click the button and fill out their appointment request. Once the system realises that they aren’t already in the system, the form prompts them to provide their contact info.

new customer booking form

The new customer sees the confirmation page and from there, the booking request is ready to go as soon as they hit the “submit” button. This is the same as how existing customers review and confirm booking requests.

As soon as the new contact submits their form, just like that, they are in your system.

Getting leads tends to be an exhausting process. Commusoft’s online booking form minimises the time it takes for a new prospect to input their information and automatically enter your CRM system. Gaining new leads has never been easier!


5. Automatically sends a confirmation email

Confirmation emails reassure the prospect that you received the request and will be in touch soon to offer them an appointment offer with a specific date and time.

Ideally, you are able to use tags in your emails, such as customer name, job description, date, time, property address, and more. Your software automatically inputs the respective information when sending the email. Who knew automation and personalisation could occur at the same time?

With customising the email and subject line, you confirm exactly what they said they were looking for. In other words, everyone’s on the same page.

Here’s an example email:

Hello [customer_name],

Thanks for your appointment request. We will be in touch as soon as possible with more details about when we can carry out [job_description] at [customer_address_line_1].


R&M Plumbing

An excellent online appointment system should automatically send the email after the customer submits their request. The email comes from your company’s email address and the recipient is able to reply to this email if they wish.

Customers value effective communication and online appointment software helps improve your outreach by keeping the customer in the loop.

6. Sends you a notification when someone requests an appointment

notification online booking form

Gone are the days of checking voicemails in order to know that someone booked an appointment. You know about your customers’ requests right away in your work management software.

Online booking helps you secure an appointment sooner, get the job done sooner, and ultimately get paid sooner.

7. Online appointment systems provide a smoother process for admin

Ease the load on admin by using a more streamlined and simple process. This procedure has an easier follow-up and is less exhausting to manage.

Watch as less admin time is spent on appointment scheduling, freeing up the time for other tasks that need attention.

There are fewer scheduling errors or miscommunications when appointment scheduling software is involved. When work gets done efficiently, your team is at its best.


To conclude, providing an online appointment system is a major advantage and has the capacity to grow your business and keep existing customers happy.

Commusoft’s online booking form does everything mentioned in this article. Our all-in-one job management software is designed to help field service companies make meaningful changes to organise and manage their business.

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