Appointment reminder software for servicing and maintenance

Keeping customers informed and up-to-date is essential for offering great customer service and ensuring return business keeps coming your way. Manually sending appointment reminders is a time burden for any field service company, that's why Commusoft appointment reminder software can automatically send reminders through a variety of methods.

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Appointment reminders are communications sent to a customer regarding an appointment. Software that can help send these reminders will impact your customers at several touch points, ensuring that your communication is streamlined and appointments go ahead as planned. They are also fantastic when reminding customers of yearly appointments (like annual maintenance), to ensure that they choose your business for that maintenance - and not your competitors.

What are appointment reminders?

Initial appointment confirmations

When you book an appointment for a job, Commusoft can automatically send a confirmation to the customer with the details of that job. Reminding customers of the date and time of their appointment can decrease the risk of them forgetting or double-booking.

Reminder of upcoming appointment

Whilst the initial confirmation is a good first touch point, an additional reminder is often neccessary too. This is especially the case when a job has been planned for a long time. A friendly reminder on the morning of an appointment (or 24/48 hours before) can help ensure your engineers gain access to the property.

Prospective maintenance reminder

If your business regularly maintains assets (annual maintenance, 6-monthly service checks etc.) it may be beneficial to send a reminder to the customer to book the maintenance appointment. This can help you retain more business - and reduce the chance they turn to your competitors.

Customer Database automation

Reduce admin with automation

Commusoft will send appointment reminders for you. All you have to do it tick the box when adding a job to the diary and the appointment reminder software will do the rest. For recurring maintenance appointments, Commusoft will automatically send these for you based on the time frame you have set up. You can choose how these are sent on a customer-by-customer basis, allowing you to pick from email, text message, or postal letter. Check out some best practices for sending appointment reminders, here.

Appointment reminder letters

Communicate your way, with templates

How you communicate with customers is important to their overall experience as well as the reputation of your company. You want your appointment reminders to be polite, friendly, yet professional. Commusoft makes this easier to achieve with templates for emails, text messages, and letters. You can customise what each type of appointment reminder says, plus easily personalise the content to the customer by using personalisation tags. These tags allow you to add specific customer data into the reminder like the appointment date and time, customer name and address, and more, to offer relevant information every time.

Service reminder timeframes

Maintenance appointments have never been easier

It’s easy to set up appointment reminders for any recurring maintenance, which let your customers know when that maintenance is due. When you install a new asset that will require follow-up maintenance or service an asset for the first time, you can mark the job as a ‘service job’ in Commusoft. This will automatically create an appointment reminder for the service, which will be sent at a suitable time frame for that type of job (e.g. monthly, 6-monthly, annually). So next time the maintenance is due, Commusoft will automatically create and send an appointment reminder to the customer. Customers will appreciate the friendly reminder as it helps them keep their assets maintained and working.

Calculate potential service revenue

How much are maintenance reminders worth?

If installing and maintaining assets is a significant part of your business, then  appointment reminders can have a substantial impact on your revenue. For every installation you complete, the follow-up maintenance reminder can be automatically sent for you, ensuring you promptly communicate with the customer at the most appropriate time – all with minimal admin burden on your team. Effective maintenance reminders ultimately generate more appointments and allow you to continue a prosperous relationship with your customers.

Check out our recurring revenue calculator to see just how much money appointment reminder software could help you earn! Try the calculator >

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