Produce Quality Estimates for Your Electrical Business

The ability to create clear and professional estimates can be the difference between success and failure for any field service business. With Commusoft electrical estimates software, the whole process is fast, centralised, and streamlined, helping you secure that next big contract.

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If you want to gain new customers and increase your revenue, Commusoft electrical estimates software is the perfect partner for you. Create bespoke and professional estimates – anytime and anywhere.

Electrical Estimates Software with a Difference

Create Estimates Onsite

With Commusoft electrical estimates software you can produce professional estimates, on any mobile device, without ever leaving the site.

Add Images

If you need to add an image to clarify any element of the estimate, simply take a picture with your mobile device and attach it to the form using your electrical estimates software.

Get Approval in Seconds

As soon as the client has approved the estimate, they can sign directly onto the mobile device to complete the task – letting you move onto booking the job instead of sitting in the office waiting for a response.

Estimate software templates

Reusable Templates Save You Time

Any field service business will tell you that similar jobs tend to come up time and time again. Save time by saving regular estimates as templates and avoid having to re-enter the same information repeatedly. Once saved, any engineer can access the templates from their mobile device.

Estimate feature

Give Your Customers Choice

There is rarely only one way to complete a task. Whether you want to offer your customer a choice between different brands of parts, or different methods of completion, Commusoft electrical estimates software allows you to quickly and easily present multiple estimates for your clients to choose from. Your client can then choose the best option for their business and budget, and approve the job instantly with Commusoft’s digital signature capture.

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Create and send quotations to customers from your computer or onsite.

Turn Estimates into Jobs in an Instant

With Commusoft electrical estimates software, you never need to waste time copying information over after your estimate is accepted. Once your client has approved the estimate with a digitally captured signature, Commusoft electrical estimates software automatically converts the estimate into an active job, and sends it to the appropriate engineer’s schedule – letting your people get on with what they do best. Where multiple estimates have been presented, Commusoft will automatically convert only the approved one into an active job, and archive the rest.

Estimates preview

Ensure Maximum Profitability

When the estimate is created, your engineer can specify both parts and labour costs, together with the appropriate markup. The version presented to the client contains only the combined price – without the cost breakdown. With Commusoft electrical estimates software, you always know where your money is going.

Estimate software quote on iOS

Anytime and Anywhere

With Commusoft electrical estimates software, you have access to a robust suite of estimation tools, wherever the day may take you. You never need to worry about running out of forms or paperwork with our 100% digital estimates solution. Even if you’re not connected to the internet, you can create professional and clear estimates from any mobile device, meaning you never have to tell a potential client you can’t swing by and see them because you’ve run out of forms. Compatible with all Android and iOS devices.

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Estimates software options

Go Paper Free

Paper forms get dirty, damp, and damaged, resulting in a highly unprofessional-looking estimate to hand to your client. With Commusoft electrical estimates software, you can eliminate paper from the process. Ensure the last estimate you deliver looks just as good as the first with Commusoft. There’s no filing or posting to do, and saving paper is great for the environment as well – become a more sustainable field service business.

Electrical certificate customer signature

Instant Digital Signature Capture

Remove barriers to getting a new job approved with advanced digital signature capture. The need to print out an estimate to have it physically signed is eliminated with Commusoft electrical estimates software. Instead, have your client sign directly onto the touchscreen and the signature will be applied to the estimate. Not only does Commusoft’s 100% digital solution provide a convenient and rapid method of pricing jobs, but your clients will be impressed by the innovative technology. Hammer home your professional reputation with Commusoft.

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