Diary management software for field service businesses

Get a complete overview of where all your engineers are with daily, weekly, monthly and map diary views. Commusoft’s powerful diary management software allows you to create new events, see job details, and move events with effortless drag-and-drop scheduling.

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Great diary management software can mean the difference between an efficient, organised workforce and a chaotic one. Keep on top of your schedule and stay in control of your business.

Diary management software you can rely on

Schedule jobs in seconds

Simply navigate to the best engineer for the job, choose a time and create a new event with an intuitive drag-and-drop diary.

Diary changes in real time

Just had an urgent job request and need to redirect your engineer? No problem, with real-time syncing they’ll be notified immediately when changes are made to their schedule.

Keep detailed records

Commusoft’s diary management software keeps track of your engineers’ time and every customer’s work history. This makes it easy to create time sheets and deal with follow up queries from customers.

Diary management software - landscape view

Manage your engineers’ time with ease

With a clear view of your engineers’ schedules, you can see exactly where everyone should be at any given time. It becomes easy to arrange jobs for maximum efficiency and minimal travel time by simply dragging and dropping. You can also benefit from service windows to give customers broader appointment slots. If you have several jobs in one specific area, it’s simply a case of rearranging the diary to ensure that your engineer won’t spend half their day on the road. Alternatively, our intelligent scheduling feature can make those decisions for you to save you time and resources.

Android mobile map job management

Use any device from any location

There’s no need to be tied to your desk when you’re using Commusoft’s job management software. You can use the diary management feature on iOS and Android mobiles and tablets, meaning you’re free to travel and can work from anywhere. Even when on the go, managers can add jobs and organise engineers from their smartphone.

Sync part with mobile

Real-time syncing

Feel like you’re forever waiting on updates from your staff before you can get anything done? With diary management software, every action taken by your engineers and office staff is automatically synced across the system. So as soon as a job is marked as complete, it’ll come through to the office where you can invoice it. You’ll save so much time!

Service reminders software settings

Send automatic confirmations and reminders to customers

There’s nothing more frustrating for an engineer than turning up to a job and not being able to access the property. Customers not being home when engineers arrive is a common problem, but it’s one that can be reduced with Commusoft’s automatic reminders. They’ll receive an email or SMS reminding them of the job details and letting them know when to expect your engineer. You don’t have to type the message out or even hit send – it’s sent automatically when you start your journey to the customer’s property.


View your diary geographically with our map view

As standard, our diary offers a map view, presenting all of your jobs and estimates. No need to try remember where customer properties are or having to look them up, you can know exactly where your team will be and also identify schedule improvements that reduce travel times. With our Real-Time Vehicle Tracking feature (available for Paperless Office users and above), you can also see where your vehicles are on the map too, allowing for highly responsive scheduling, amongst other benefits.

Field service diary management job cancellation

Manage cancellations and reschedule jobs

Cancelled jobs are an unfortunate fact of life. With diary management software, you can deal with them quickly and easily. Simply mark the job as cancelled and reschedule it for a better time. You can also easily reassign jobs to another engineer by dragging it over to a different engineer’s diary. They’ll both receive a notification on their mobile app letting them know about the change.

Diary history

Store history and important data

Commusoft’s diary management software keeps track of every visit from your engineers, so you know in just a few clicks, exactly what work has taken place at a property. With time tracking, you can use reports to see precisely how long your engineers spend on the road and on jobs.

Additional features available

For larger businesses we offer further scheduling features on our Paperless Office plan, including Skills Management and Real-Time Vehicle Tracking.As part of our Automation plan we also provide Intelligent Scheduling and Shift Patterns for more efficient scheduling.

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