Scheduling Software for Your Electrical Business

Wherever and whenever your engineers are working, you can access and make changes to their schedules in seconds with Commusoft’s powerful electrician scheduling software. Maintain the flexibility and agility your field service clients demand with our seamless drag and drop scheduling. Real-time updates, automatic message sending, and powerful reporting tools all work together to make Commusoft electrician scheduling software the missing element needed to take your field service business to the next level.

Electrician scheduling software

Having first-rate electrician scheduling software in place can mean the difference between order and chaos for your field service business. Commusoft keeps you in control with a host of powerful features and tools. Commusoft electrician scheduling software is the one size fits all diary management solution for the field service industry.

Diary Management Software to Rely On

Lightning Fast Scheduling

Simply select an electrical engineer, choose the time and create a new diary event. Commusoft’s drag and drop scheduling makes it a breeze to adapt to the challenges of the day, and make sure your engineers are where they need to be when they need to be there.

Real Time Communication

Stay flexible and agile to emergencies and cancellations. Rea-time schedule synchronisation will make sure your electrical engineers always have the most up-to-date information available – resulting in huge saving in terms of time and money.

Automatic Record Keeping

Commusoft electrician scheduling software automatically records all job times and work histories, making it simple to produce timesheets and deal with customer queries. Real time sync makes sure you’re notified the second each job is started and completed.

maps track labour and part jobs

Manage Your Electrical Engineers’ Time with Ease

A clear and uncluttered user interface lets you see exactly where all your engineers are, whatever time of day it is, allowing you to plan the days of your electricians for maximum efficiency and minimum travelling time between jobs. With Commusoft it’s simple to see which jobs are geographically close to one another so they can be grouped and assigned accordingly.

Android mobile map job management

Anywhere Any Time

Commusoft’s electrician scheduling software is 100% optimised for tablets and mobile devices. Wherever your day takes you, your diary management tools come along for the ride, enabling you to swiftly make changes on the move. Modern field service professionals need their electrician scheduling software to be as mobile as they are – with Commusoft, the office is always with you.

Sync electrical diary

Real-Time Sync

Seconds count for serious field service professionals, who need their electrician scheduling software to always keep them updated. With Commusoft, you can say goodbye to waiting for your electrician scheduling software to update so you can get on with your work. As soon as a job is marked as complete, the data is synched with the office, so invoices and timesheets can be produced straight away.

Send an sms

Automatic Messaging

With Commusoft electrician scheduling software, you can send automatic SMS and email messages to your clients. Confirm appointment times, and remind customers on the day with simple automated messaging features. Engineers arriving at jobs only to find there’s nobody there waiting for them is a source of great frustration and wasted time. Do everything you can to reduce the chances of your engineers arriving at empty locations with Commusoft electrician scheduling software.

Manage Cancellations and Changes

The working day rarely runs 100% to plan, and the modern field service professional needs their electrician scheduling software to be as agile and as flexible as they are. Cancel or reschedule jobs with ease, as well as add in those last-second emergencies we all must deal with from time to time. With Commusoft electrician scheduling software’s real-time synchronisation, your electricians will be notified of any changes the second they are made.

Job management scheduling software

Instantaneous and Detailed Reporting

With Commusoft electrician scheduling software you can access a complete breakdown of time spent on the road, at each job, as well as the details of the work carried out. Answer customer queries, produce timesheets and reports, and stay on top of your workload with just a few clicks. Intelligent use of data is one of the cornerstones of modern business, and with Commusoft electrician scheduling software, you can crunch the numbers with ease. No more wasting your time – or your customers’ time – sifting through paperwork to answer a query. With Commusoft, record keeping is a breeze.

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