Intelligent Scheduling Software

Drive efficiency with intelligent scheduling

Commusoft's intelligent scheduling software improves efficiency by automating the complex process of routing and scheduling jobs. With powerful route optimisation, you can maximise your engineer utilisation, decrease driving time and fuel costs, and reduce the admin burden. Whether you intelligently schedule 1 or 1000 appointments, the system offers an automated and hassle-free method of managing your diary.

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The intelligent scheduling system finds the most efficient schedule for your appointments by analysing existing events, driving distances, engineer skills, shift patterns, service windows, and locked events.


The system not only shows you the best dates and times for appointments, but also which engineer to send. It always assigns an engineer with the right skills for the job, ensuring high first-time fix rates and customer satisfaction.


Scheduling multiple engineers is a time-consuming task. With Commusoft's intelligent scheduling, the system does all the complex and difficult work, giving your office staff more time to focus on other areas of the business.

Intelligent scheduling functionalities

  • Route optimisation algorithm
  • Efficient appointment suggestions
  • Assign jobs based on skills and shifts
  • Mass schedule many jobs at once
  • Never exceed driving distance limits
  • Work around engineer events and holidays
Intelligent scheduling and route optimisation

Benefit from powerful route optimisation

Commusoft’s intelligent scheduling is underpinned by our powerful route optimisation algorithm, which can calculate and process thousands of routes in a matter of moments. With this tool, your team can ensure they always send the best engineer for the task at the most efficient time. No more illogical schedules, wasted time driving back and forth, or accidentally sending the wrong person for the job—our intelligent system has your back.

Suggested appointments from intelligent scheduling software

Quickly see intelligent appointment suggestions

Forget searching the diary for empty slots and trying to decide which engineer should take a job. When you’re booking in a diary event, all you need to do is click ‘Suggested appointment’. The route optimisation algorithm will then get to work and find the most efficient date, time, and engineer for the job. You can easily navigate the different suggestions, which are ordered by efficiency, before choosing the right one for the situation. Need to modify your search parameters? Make any edits and the system will update in real time.

Intelligent scheduling suggestion

Fit jobs into your existing schedule

To find the best fit in your diary, the intelligent scheduling system analyses driving distances, engineer skills, shift patterns, and service windows. Therefore, if an employee doesn’t work Friday afternoons or isn’t qualified to do certain installations, Commusoft knows not to suggest them. It also doesn’t consider the job in isolation, but looks at how it impacts both the previous and the following job, too. You can quickly review details of every suggested appointment, including exactly how it fits into the engineer’s existing schedule.

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Mass scheduling software

Mass schedule multiple jobs at once

The suggested appointments tool is brilliant for booking in single jobs. However, when you have tens, hundreds, or even thousands of jobs to add to your diary, you’ll need intelligent mass scheduling. Simply choose the outstanding jobs you wish to book and set the parameters, and our software will then work in the background to find the most efficient schedule. By processing large numbers of jobs in one go, you can save drastic amounts of admin time.

Calculate ROI from intelligent scheduling software

Find out how much intelligent scheduling could be worth to you

We’ve put together an easy-to-use ROI calculator, which can reveal how much time and money Commusoft’s intelligent scheduling feature could generate for your business. Head on over to the ROI calculator and answer a few questions to get started.

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