Create and assign tasks to your office staff from anywhere

Get your office staff organised with office tasks. Anyone can raise an office task for a member of the team, whether they're in the office, on the road, or on site. This keeps your teams in sync and working together, plus removes hours of paper-based admin and phone calls.

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You spend so much of your work day making sure engineers are in the right place at the right time, but what about your office staff? These integral team members can all-too-easily become overwhelmed with the masses of information they have to process every day through emails, calls and paper documents. Bring your business into the 21st century and start using job management software today.

Get organised and go paperless with office task software

Organise and centralise processes

Processing invoices, following up on estimates, providing vital job information to engineers… your office staff have so much to do on a daily basis. Having job management software means they can find everything in one place and get through work faster than ever before.

Boost office staff's productivity

Get office tasks in front of the right people in an instant—there’ll be no more tasks lost in the shuffle and your staff will be able to organise their time and put their focus exactly where it’s needed.

Keep all information in one place

Nothing beats a face-to-face conversation, but it sure is hard to keep track of a tap on the shoulder and a request for what should be a quick office task. With job management software, you can make tasks digital and accessible from anywhere.

Automatically generate supplier invoices

Easily create tasks and notify staff

The office task management tool allows staff to raise and delegate tasks to other team members to ensure smooth and efficient communication. This is ideal for field engineers to request admin tasks and directly notify the relevant team member, however, it can also be used for setting personal tasks too. The assigned user receives a notification and can then mark tasks as ‘Completed’ when ready.

Assign office tasks to jobs

Link office tasks to jobs and estimates

Office tasks can be linked to any estimate or job to keep all relevant data in one place. Once completed, the system records the time the task was completed and by who. This information stays logged against the job or estimate, so you can always review work and the assigned office tasks to see exactly what occurred.

View office task history

Stay organised with task tags and reports

Commusoft’s reporting tool allows you to view all created office tasks and filter by criteria such as customer, user, type of work, and more. By tagging office tasks with a hashtag, related tasks can be grouped together to provide more detailed reporting. This means every office task relating to parts could be tagged with #parts, so you can filter to show only tasks including that tag. Tags are entirely customisable, so can be set up to structure task reporting as you prefer.

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