Create office tasks in moments with job management software for field service businesses

Get your office staff organised by raising and assigning office tasks using simple, intuitive job management software. Forget hours of paper-based admin and start focusing on the things that matter most for growing a profitable business.

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You spend so much of your work day making sure engineers are in the right place at the right time, but what about your office staff? These integral team members can all-too-easily become overwhelmed with the masses of information they have to process every day through emails, calls and paper documents. Bring your business into the 21st century and start using job management software today.

Get organised and go paperless with office task software

Organise and centralise processes

Processing invoices, following up on estimates, providing vital job information to engineers… your office staff have so much to do on a daily basis. Having job management software means they can find everything in one place and get through work faster than ever before.

Boost your office staff's productivity

Get office tasks in front of the right people in an instant—there’ll be no more tasks lost in the shuffle and your staff will be able to organise their time and put their focus exactly where it’s needed.

Keep all your information in one place

Nothing beats a face-to-face conversation, but it sure is hard to keep track of a tap on the shoulder and a request for what should be a quick office task. With job management software, you can make tasks digital and accessible from anywhere.

Office tasks against a job

Link office tasks to engineer works and estimates

The office task management tool gives office managers the control they need to organise their staff, increase productivity and reduce delays. Office tasks can be easily linked to any estimate or job and assigned to the person who needs to perform the work. By storing office tasks alongside estimates and jobs, you can ensure that every piece of information is available in one place and jobs are tracked from beginning to end.

Office task notification

Assign tasks and see their status

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, essential office tasks must take place every day to ensure the smooth and efficient running of your company. Commusoft’s job management software is scalable and works for all kinds of companies. You can use the office task management tool to give yourself reminders or delegate tasks to your team. The assigned user will receive a notification and once the task has been completed, the user is able to mark it as ‘done.’

Use hashtags within your office task description to filter reports

Use tags to filter information in reporting


Using Commusoft’s job management software you’re able to use the # key to create tags within office tasks. This is especially useful when you have several tasks connected with one job or estimate and need to view a specific type. Once you get into your office task report, you can use your hashtags to filter information from a drop-down menu and view only the ones relevant to your current search.

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