Gas software helps You Win Estate Agent Business

Regular work with estate agents can provide a massive boon to field service businesses. Gas software can help you win those crucial contracts.

It’s been widely reported over the last year that the UK is experiencing a crisis in trying to fill skilled roles. Partly to blame is the government’s withdrawing of funds from apprenticeship schemes, leading more young people to choose university instead of vocational training. This means that it’s rare for gas engineers to be short of work.

However, rather than living job to job, it’s far preferable for gas engineers to gain contracts from which they can obtain regular work, while still maintaining the autonomy of self-employment. Contract work for gas engineers usually comes from two sources – from building developers who need people to install boilers and other equipment in new build properties, and from estate agents who need engineers to carry out regular inspections and maintenance work on properties being let or sold.

For those engineers who would rather work in nice warm houses than cold building sites, it contracts with estate agents that naturally present the more attractive prospect. And gas software can help you win them.

1. Duty of Care

Estate agents have a duty of care to anyone who rents or purchases properties from them. If those properties contain any gas equipment, estate agents have a legal and moral responsibility to ensure that is has been installed and maintained to an appropriate and safe level.

Gas software allows field service professionals to produce gas safety certificates in a highly professional and modern fashion. If your business can demonstrate that it can digitally create immaculate landlord gas safety certificates (and other documents) on a mobile device, then, when compared to another service provider who is producing them on battered and often dirty triplicate pads – complete with scruffy handwriting and spelling/grammar errors – the choice of who appears the most modern and professional should be clear.

Safety inspections are an important part of an estate agent’s responsibilities towards their clients, and with gas software, it’s simple to convince them they’re in safe hands.

2. Communication

When dealing with estate agents, communication becomes a key pain point. Especially when compared to a normal engineer/customer interaction. Any field service that can demonstrate effective and elegant communication practices is bound to stand out.

Appointments must be organised with not only the estate agents but also the tenants/property owners. This three-way communication problem necessitates an all-in-one solution for scheduling an appointment arranging.

With gas software, you can take advantage of drag and drop scheduling to make slotting appointments into your engineers’ day a matter of simplicity. Arranging last minute appointments also becomes easy, as you can see where jobs can fit in and make the necessary arrangements. Real-time synchronisation ensures that your engineers always have access to the most up-to-date information.

Most importantly, though, you can provide clients with real-time updates. If the engineer is running late (or early), your customers will always be informed. Invoicing and certificates can also be handled entirely electronically, meaning your clients will always have access to the communications they need.

With gas software, you can also customise your communications. By adding your logo, name, and important information such as contact and VAT details, all your communications will always appear personal and professional.

3. Image is Everything

With gas software, you will always be able to project the image of a business which knows its stuff. Even smaller or new field service businesses will seem bigger and more established with innovative technology in their toolboxes.

If your business is a smaller organisation, just starting out, then you’ll also be able to look to your gas software provider for extra help and guidance on how to make the most of your new technology. Starting out can be a daunting process, so any extra assistance you can get will be of benefit.

Gas engineer software will help your business appear well-established, modern, and professional, and an organisation which takes its business seriously. By demonstrating this to estate agents, you will give your company the best chance of winning those all-important contracts.

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