Anton Flue Gas Analyser

Anton is an innovative provider of digital devices made to modernise and simplify the job of gas engineers.

Digital gas analysis equipment is essential for modern gas engineers. It saves time, provides the most accurate readouts, and means you use less paper.

Avoid double data entry

Reduce the time it takes for your engineers to complete tasks on site

Keep accurate information

Sync data with the integration and let your office staff and engineers quickly access up-to-date information

Reduce human error

Fewer mistakes - the information automatically transfers to Commusoft

How does it work?

When you’re filling out a gas certificate on site with your smartphone, you can select the option to connect to a Bluetooth device. This will allow the Flue Gas Analyser to transmit data straight to the Commusoft mobile app.

What Do I Need?

You will need to subscribe to Commusoft and also have an Anton Flue Gas Analyser device. The integration works with both iOS and Android phones.

Commusoft and Anton integration overview

At Commusoft, we understand the importance of integrating as many of the digital aspects of your work as possible to provide a seamless experience. It’s for this reason that we reached out to Anton and created an integration that will allow you to directly send readouts from your gas analysis equipment to the Commusoft mobile app.

Anton’s most popular range is the eVo flue gas analyser, however they also offer power flushing equipment, a range of pressure, temperature and other test equipment, personal CO alarms, gas leak detectors, infra-red thermometers and more.

The Anton and Commusoft integration reduces the time it takes to complete gas safety forms by immediately transmitting information from the analyser, reducing human error by eliminating manual data input, and bypasses the need for printed gas readings as these are contained within the digital certificate.



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