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With Commusoft’s Customer Database Software you improve customer cross-selling and retention!

Running a company in the field service industry requires a lot of organisation. Booking in jobs, dealing with cancellations and managing customer’s queries can be incredibly time-consuming if you’re constantly jumping between paper systems or using software that isn’t purpose-designed or up to the task.  However, it could all be a lot easier. Commusoft stores all your clients in a single customer database and allows you to manage records with software that is easy to use and built for purpose.

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Key benefits :

  • Gain potential large revenue and profitability
  • Make your customers happy
  • Eliminate much of the admin task
  • Improve your customer relationship management
  • Make asset customer database a profitable part of your business

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Easy to use search within the Commusoft customer database

Quickly search for customers

You can search for anything in your customer database with a single, easy-to-use search box.  This is accessible from a mobile, tablet or another handheld device.

Search for:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Postcode
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Estimate number
  • Job number
  • Customer reference number
  • Invoice number

and much more.

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customer history

Get a quick view of what's happened in the past

Being able to see a customer’s history quickly and easily on-screen lets you answer their queries faster and more accurately. This not only speeds up your response and avoids long phone calls, but also impresses customers through your professionalism.

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Keep track of notes, emails, phone calls and sms sent to a customer

All your notes and communications in a single location

Commusoft eliminates the paper trail; it is easy to keep track of all your communication with customers: invoices, enquiries, emails etc. They are all presented on a single screen. So, whether you’re a small company that wants to look professional and well-organised or a large company that wants to stay on top of the admin and reduce costs by sharing information between staff, Commusoft helps you focus on providing top quality customer care.

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Attach files to customer records in your customer database

Attach files to customer records

Want to store a PDF document, image or Excel document against a customer record? No problem, just drag and drop the file into Commusoft and it’s immediately available to download on any PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet anywhere in the world!

Manage estate agents and housing associations in Commusoft's customer database

Managing estate agents and landlords

Commusoft makes it easy to manage estate agents and housing associations. You can allocate tenant properties to a landlord, housing association or to a particular branch of an estate agent. With our contract plan module, you can also manage different pricing per estate agent, allowing for commissions and discounts.

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Easily link tenant properties to customer records in Commusoft

Link tenants (work addresses) to landlords and estate agents

Keep everything under one roof with Commusoft’s simple to use customer/tenant relationship.  You can easily link a single property or thousands of properties to a customer in Commusoft letting you keep track of which properties belong/are managed by your landlords or estate agents. (Read more about parent address filter here)


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