Jobs management

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Key benefits:

  • Create more jobs by engineers by month
  • Drive competitive diferenciation
  • No more job failed


Quickly raise jobs

Create jobs and book them into engineers diaries with a few clicks. Keeping job records also allows you to keep accurate records and a history which engineers can refer back to whilst onsite.

Track job status

  • Waiting to hear back from tenant
  • Engineer visit booked
  • Awaiting parts
  • Complete and waiting for invoice
  • Job on hold
  • and many more..

Commusoft will keep track of each job so you don’t have to. Manage this from your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet.

Book jobs into engineers diaries and send confirmations to customers

It’s important to keep track of when jobs are being completed. Commusoft lets you organise your time better and makes sure your engineer’s time is being scheduled properly. Simply book jobs into the diary and send emails and sms confirmations to customers confirming the appointment has been booked. If something changes, you can send a follow-up sms or email informing them of any changes.

Automatically contact tenants/work addresses to organise access/keys

When dealing with tenants or sites it’s often necessary to organise access/keys in order to complete a job. Managing this can be a serious drain on time trying to constantly contact tenants. Commusoft lets you automatically sms or email tenants, with automatic follow-ups with instructions for them to call and book in a suitable time for an engineer to complete the job.

Send quotations and job to your mobile workforce

Send information to engineers in real-time

No one wants engineers coming back to the office to pick up job sheets (which later get lost!). Commusoft updates engineers smart phones in real-time. Simply book in the job, put it into the engineers diary and his phone will update in real-time with all the information they need. Engineers can see property address details, telephone numbers, notes, job details, property history, parts required, appliance makes and models etc.


Engineers can fill in job feedback on-site

Get engineers to fill in job sheets on-site, no more paper and no more hand written sheets. Engineers can fill in parts required and other feedback on their iPhone, iPad, Android phone and Android tablets.

maps track labour and part jobs

Keep accurate timesheets

Keep track of accurate engineers timesheets based on travel time and time onsite. Commusoft can provide an accurate timesheet at the click of a button which will reduce the burden on engineers filling in paper timesheets and provide more accurate real-time information for your business.

Keep track of cancellations

Sometimes customers cancel. It’s unfortunate, but it happens. Don’t let these interruptions waste engineers time. Commusoft will let you quickly cancel or rebook a job, updating the engineers smartphone in real-time.

Manage second visits handling parts

Jobs can’t always be completed in a single visit. If that’s the case it’s important to keep good track of these jobs and rebook them as soon as possible.

Keeping track of your costs

It’s easy to keep track of costs against jobs in Commusoft. Understanding how profitable you’ve been, and which engineers are generating the best returns is critical for a healthy business. Keep track of labour, parts, travel and other expenses against a job and view reports to keep yourself up to date.