Answer the Phone Professionally, Every Time

We are currently beta testing our VoIP functionality that allows you to integrate your existing VoIP phone system directly into Commusoft. By combining customer and job data with your VoIP phone, office staff instantly have relevant details at their fingertips when the phone rings, empowering your team to handle calls more quickly, while providing fantastic customer service.


Overhaul Customer Communications With Our Voip Phone System

Make Calls From Anywhere

With a VoIP system connected, your team can now make and receive calls from their computer using their regular VoIP phone number.

Desktop VoIP App

No additional hardware required! Simply connect your VoIP system to our softphone system.

Software Dialer

Make calls, log notes, and save call recordings, all from Commusoft’s VoIP app.

Seamless Commusoft Integration

Quickly call any customer in your database, attach notes to their record, and view job histories.



Aurora Heating Ltd

I hate writing reviews but would have felt guilty not to give credit where due with Commusoft. The team at Commusoft and their level of service have always been top notch! You ask - they help.

Empower Your Mobile Workforce

Make and Receive Calls From Your Computer


Commusoft’s VoIP phone system shows which customer is calling. Instead of frantically searching for information, and asking the caller to explain who they are, your team can answer the phone using the customer’s name. They’ll appreciate the personal touch and relevant work information on hand.

  • Immediately see customer call and job histories
  • Ring new numbers with our built-in dialer
  • Easily transfer calls and mute the line
Commusoft VOIP screens

Work From Anywhere


With our VoIP phone integration, it isn’t necessary for your admin team to work from your office. Empower them to work from home, or wherever they’re able with their laptop. All notes and recordings automatically sync with Commusoft, so no details fall between the cracks.

  • Allow team to work from anywhere with their laptop
  • Commusoft’s VoIP integration is available on Windows and Mac
  • All relevant customer details will be on-hand
VOIP system on a call

Be Ready for Anything

Provide a Personal Touch


Commusoft’s VoIP enables your team to provide accurate information and offer a premium phone experience for your customers. They’ll be pleased when your staff answers their call already knowing their name and work and estimate history with your company.

  • Instantly know which customer is calling
  • Answer the phone calmly, politely, and using the customer’s name
  • See job and estimate history directly from the VoIP app
VOIP dialer

Stay Organised


Your team can log notes while using VoIP phone. The note will automatically be saved against the customer so everyone in Commusoft can see the call notes and properly understand what has occurred with the customer. If needed, your team can review previous calls too.

  • Easily log notes while using the VoIP phone
  • Log notes against customers or specific job or estimate records
  • Save VoIP call recordings for added transparency
VOIP call notes


  • We are still beta testing the VoIP functionality within Commusoft, as it is heavily reliant on different VoIP providers. For clients on the Customer Journey plan and above you can request this feature to be activated on your account. This gives you the ability to test it with your VoIP provider.

  • Not at the moment; there are many VoIP providers our there. We will happily provide a trial for you to test your VoIP system first.

  • Our VoIP phone system pricing depends on how many licenses you need, and which of our powerful plans you choose.

    Learn more about each of our plans and pricing ➞

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