HVAC software for professionals

All-in-one software that helps you keep track of customer history, send jobs straight to engineers' phones and get your invoice out on the same day

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Reduce wasted time picking up and dropping off paperwork with a simple digital diary that syncs to your engineers’ smartphones and tablets.

No more lost paper job sheets and duplicate invoices

No more of paper job sheets lost and duplicate invoice with a simple application.


Gather information from customers, make the information available to your engineers, track work orders, send confirmations to customers and collect reviews— all in one place!

HVAC software for professionals

Schedule and dispatch jobs to your engineers

Schedule labour on the diary, send notices to your engineers in real-time, reduce your engineers’ travel—and increase your company’s speed and efficiency.

HVAC software for professionals

Keep track of every job on your PC, mobile and tablet

Easily rearrange jobs with a simple drag-and-drop diary, automatically updating and notifying engineers on their phones or tablets.

Commusoft stores all your clients in a single customer database, allowing you to manage records with easy-to-use software that was built just for that purpose.

HVAC software for professionals

Create digital customised estimates

Creating clear, detailed estimate is a huge part of running a successful HVAC service business. With Commusoft’s job management software, you can centralise, speed up and streamline the entire process, right from the initial meeting through to accept the quote.

Create and send quotations on site. Your field engineers can take pictures of the work completed and attach them the quotations.

HVAC software for professionals

Streamline your HVAC business by invoicing right from the job site

If your HVAC company has a problem getting customers to pay once the job’s been completed, and you’re constantly chasing bad debt, it’s time to collect payment on site.

With Commusoft’s mobile application, field engineers can complete jobs and invoice right from the job site. Simple drop-down lists of services and parts let engineers create and email invoices in a matter of minutes. Our SumUp integration allows engineers to take payment from the site via credit card or debit card, reducing problems with debtors.

HVAC software for professionals

Go paperless by letting engineers fill in job sheets on their phones or tablets

Customisable job sheets guarantee that you never lose track of a job. Engineers fill in details on their phones or tablets, which sync back to the office in real-time.

HVAC software for professionals

Complete digital certificate on mobile

Powerful mobile software designed for field service engineers lets them receive real-time updates to their schedules. With Commusoft’s intuitive workflows, engineers can send vital information back to the office to track job progress, worksheets, checklists and photos.

Organised and accurate Legionella Risk Assessment certificates are essential for demonstrating your professionalism to customers. With Commusoft, you can create digital certificates in moments with our intuitive mobile app. The completed certificates can be instantly sent to your customer.

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Know who’s calling you with a powerful customer database. See all your customers’ quotes and job histories, and let them approve estimates online.

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Create estimates, track your asset history, book jobs from any location, track your engineers with GPS technology and produce professional, branded invoices.

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Looking to increase your business?

Commusoft is online, all-in-one software designed from the ground up especially for HVAC businesses.

From the office or on the road, Commusoft optimises the entire workflow for HVAC companies—from when a customer calls or emails through price quotes, jobs, scheduling, purchase orders, reporting, and, finally, invoicing.

With powerful integrated tools and analytics, Commusoft’s job management software is perfect for businesses looking to stay organised and increase their revenue.


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Commusoft’s powerful software is designed specifically for HVAC companies.
Plans start at £25+VAT per user, per month.

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We started off with just two of us really, but we’re now 23-25 people. We’ve been using Commusoft for probably about 6 years. Commusoft helped with all the admin and it became an easy process to handle. Commusoft allows us to give our customer a more complete service. Whereas before you’re limited with the amount […]

Will at WPJ Heating Service


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