Commusoft reviews

Check out a range of Commusoft reviews from existing clients using Commusoft's job management software. We revolutionise the way office teams and engineers interact, reducing paperwork and streamlining businesses. Commusoft support over 6000 users in UK.

"We get a lot of comments from our customers saying how great we are, how well we've reacted to a call and a lot of that is attributed to the use of Commusoft. [...]

For anyone who is thinking about using Commusoft, I would definitely recommend it from day one!"

Commusoft’s client since 2010
Website : Alister Hubbard Gas Service

Alister Hubbard

Alister Hubbard Gas Service

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“The great thing about Commusoft is that it's all in one. We love the diary, the customer database and the interaction with our engineers. Before Commusoft life was difficult, without Commusoft we'd need to hire more staff. [...]

We needed a reliable software, and we found Commusoft. Now I can spend time planning targets of our business, what strategic approach we’re taking for new things because I don’t have to worry all the time to about the on going management because a lot of it it’s done by the software for me“

Commusoft’s client since 2011
Website : Ian finch Plumbing and heating Service Ltd

Julia Winkler

Ian finch Plumbing and heating Service Ltd

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“Commusoft is really easy to use. Using the invoicing module, it gives us a greater handle on the figures. It's reported back on to our sales dashboard and we can see how much money we've taken and how much we're owed which is a real advantage to anyone running a business. [...]

Being able to store all our invoices in one place with a job report gives us a better understanding of our customers needs and I can see whether we’re busy or whether we’ve achieved our sales forecast."

Commusoft’s client since 2010
Website : Aura Gas

Gary Robinson

Aura Gas

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"Some our favourite features within commusoft is the mobile app that the engineers use. It gives us complete control over our engineers: They schedule their day from their phone it’s all completely automated so we don’t have to follow that back up. [...]

Software is a must for anyone looking to expand and progress their business. Commusoft is not only a software package, it is an other employee.“

Commusoft’s client since 2013
Website : Ideal Plumbing Solution

Tim Collins

Ideal Plumbing Solution

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"For those considering Commusoft, a couple of things I will say. Firstly it’s a very intuitive program. Secondly there is a lot of video help, video tutorials you can use. Another thing I really like about the Company is that they are incredibly approachable. As a growing business Commusoft gives us the confidence to grow, it works great for us and I am sure it will work for a lot of companies.“

Commusoft’s client since 2011
Website : Mycroft Heating and Plumbing

Tim Mycroft

Mycroft Heating and Plumbing

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"We’ve been using commusoft for probably about 6 years. It’s made our processes slicker, all admin becomes an easy process to handle. Commusoft allows us to give to our customer a more complete service. Whereas before you’re limited on the amount of information you can convey on an invoice or in a phone call, now we’re able to attach files, jobs notes etc. The engineers going well with the smartphones and this has allowed us to evolve as a company to give a better customer service."

Commusoft client since 2010
Website : WPJ Heating Services


WPJ Heating Services

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